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PHOTO ADVISORY/A Whole Lotta ``WaMoola'' for Seattle Teachers; Teachers Grab for Cash in Washington Mutual's WaMoola Madness Machine


WHO/WHAT: As part of Washington Mutual's WaMoola for Schools
          program, three Seattle teachers will have the opportunity to
          grab some extra cash for their schools in Washington 
          Mutual's WaMoola Madness Machine.

          In addition, Washington Mutual will present more than 
          $29,000 in donations to local Seattle Public Schools at 
          tonight's event.

WHEN:     Tonight
          Thursday, May 3 at 7:00 p.m.

WHERE:    Pacific Science Center, Building 2
          (Media may enter through Denny Way entrance.)

HOW:      Inside a booth filled with swirling $5s, $10s and $20s, each
          teacher will have 30 seconds to grab as much cash as they 
          can.  Washington Mutual will match their winnings.

WHY:      WaMoola Madness is part of Washington Mutual's WaMoola for
          Schools program honoring teachers.

          The WaMoola for Schools program matches $1 for every new
          checking account opened at a Washington Mutual location.
          Each year the bank donates the WaMoola funds to local
          schools and school districts. Seattle schools will receive
          more than $29,000 from the program which provided over
          $1.45 million in financial support to K-12 public schools
          across the country. The funds, which are earmarked for
          teacher development and support programs, are presented
          each year at a special dinner.

          Washington Mutual believes teachers make a critical 
          difference in a student's learning and is therefore 
          dedicated to supporting our nation's teachers as part 
          of its overall commitment to improving K-12 public 


CONTACT: For evening event on May 3, 2001
Laura Jones, 206/377-2153
Mary Kelley, cel 206/409-2449