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REMINDER/WaMu L-O-V-Es Seattle

WaMu Sends 293-Foot Valentine's Day Wish to Seattleites


WHEN:       Wednesday-Thursday, February 13-14

TIME:       Evenings of February 13 & 14

WHERE:      WaMu Center
            1301 Second Avenue

WHAT:       With approximately 188 million cards exchanged each
            season, it's easy to see why Valentine's Day ranks second
            only to Christmas when it comes to giving greeting cards.
            This year, WaMu is going to add to that total by
            illuminating the Seattle skyline with a giant message for
            Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day Eve, Seattleites will
            be the recipients of a special delivery from WaMu in the
            form of a 293-foot Valentine that spells out L-O-V-E
            vertically on the west side of WaMu Center. On the
            afternoon of Wednesday, February 13, creation of the giant
            Valentine will begin by strategically closing select
            window blinds and turning on certain lights on the west
            side of the building. The L-O-V-E message will remain in
            place through Valentine's Day.

WHY:        Having the capability to project images on WaMu Center is
            a great way for WaMu to be a part of our hometown
            community. It's fun, it's quirky and provides a perfect
            opportunity to get into the spirit of Valentine's Day.

FACTS:      -- To create the Valentine, building engineers carefully
            study the elevation of the building and draft a plan that
            helps them determine which blinds to close in order to
            create a particular image.

            -- Once the plan is complete, engineers estimate it will
            take approximately 11,000 "turns" to create the L-O-V-E on
            WaMu Center.

            -- Creation of the Valentine will take over 15 man hours
            to produce.

            -- The L-O-V-E Valentine will be 293' tall and 55' wide.


             Darcy Donahoe-Wilmot, 206-500-2828
             Mobile: 425-444-2500

    SOURCE: WaMu