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ADDING MULTIMEDIA Halloween Treat -- ''The Great Pumpkin'' Arrives at WaMu Center

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 31, 2007--WaMu (NYSE:WM):

WHEN:         Tuesday, October 30 - Wednesday, October 31
TIME:         evening of October 30 - October 31
WHERE:        WaMu Center
              1301 Second Avenue

WHAT:         With approximately 93 percent of children taking part in
               Halloween trick-or-treating activities, it's easy to
               see why Halloween is the third largest party day in the
               U.S. behind New Year's Eve and Super Bowl Sunday. This
               year, WaMu is going to add to the excitement by
               illuminating the Seattle skyline with a giant jack-o-
               lantern. On Halloween Eve, Seattleites will be the
               recipients of a spooktacular treat from WaMu in the
               form of a 275 foot jack-o-lantern. On the afternoon of
               Tuesday, October 30, creation of the giant jack-o-
               lantern will begin by strategically closing select
               window blinds and turning on certain lights on the west
               side of the building. The jack-o-lantern will remain in
               place through Halloween.

WHY:          Having the capability to project images on WaMu Center
               is a great way for WaMu to be a part of our hometown
               community. Its fun, it's quirky and provides a perfect
               opportunity to get into the spirit of Halloween.

INTERESTING   -- To create the jack-o-lantern, building engineers
 FACTS:        carefully study the elevation of the building and draft
               a plan that helps them determine which blinds to close
               in order to create a particular image.
              -- Once the plan is complete, engineers estimate it will
               take approximately 11,560 "turns" to create the jack-o-
               lantern on WaMu Center.
              -- Creation of the jack-o-lantern will take over 12
              -- The 275 foot jack-o-lantern is the equivalent height
               of 3,300 candy corns stacked end-to-end.
              -- The jack-o-lantern will occupy floors 18-42 for a
               total of 24 stories.

 NOTE:        Please check AP wire for photo after 8 p.m. PDT.


             Darcy Donahoe-Wilmot, 206-500-2828 (work)
             425-444-2500 (mobile)

    SOURCE: WaMu