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W&T OFFSHORE INC filed this Form 10-Q on 05/04/2017
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In any dispute with the Company, you will not raise, and you hereby expressly waive, any objection or defense to any such jurisdiction as an inconvenient forum.

24. The Plan.  This Agreement is subject to all the terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions contained in the Plan.

25.Clawback.To the extent required by applicable law or any applicable securities exchange listing standards, or as otherwise determined by the Committee,  this Award and amounts or shares paid or payable pursuant to or with respect to this Award shall be subject to the provisions of any applicable clawback policies or procedures adopted by the Company or its affiliates, which clawback policies or procedures may provide for forfeiture, repurchase and/or recoupment of this Award and amounts or shares paid or payable pursuant to or with respect to such Award.  Notwithstanding any provision of the Agreement to the contrary, the Company reserves the right, without your consent or the consent of any beneficiary of this Award, to adopt any such clawback policies and procedures, including such policies and procedures applicable to this Agreement with retroactive effect. By your acceptance of a cash payment pursuant to this Agreement, you are will be bound by such clawback policies or procedures and (2) you  may not seek indemnification or contribution from the Company for any amounts clawed back.

Executed by the Company as of the Award Date.

W&T offshore, Inc.


/s/ Tracy W. Krohn


Tracy W. Krohn, CEO





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