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Print On Demand Update – November 20, 2009

Open letter to interested parties:

Our letter of March 2008 described what could be interpreted as a "one-size-fits-all" approach to Print on Demand (POD). In actual fact, we have instead worked steadily to tailor a large number of specific and suitable arrangements for partners on a case-by-case basis, including publishers who use other POD services, depending on their particular business, capability, and needs. Some of these publishers started incrementally, perhaps putting only their out-of-stock or backlist titles into the program. Others have been working with us to move to a completely inventory-free method of fulfilling Amazon customer orders across their entire catalog.

This trend of publishers moving to an inventory-free model with us is exciting, and the results to date have been strong. Our POD program now has hundreds of thousands of books available for rapid delivery in the US, UK and Germany with next day shipping via our Prime program. Participating titles and publishers have come from all corners of the book world, from adult and children's trade titles, to books across higher education, academic, professional, scientific, technical, medical, and many other specialty segments of publishing

We are in the early days of what POD technology can do to improve our customer experience and the overall business of booksellers, publishers and authors. As we continue to improve and expand our POD capabilities, we'll also continue to work with partners on a non-exclusive, case-by-case basis to provide them with the POD services that work best for them. There are still millions of titles not available for purchase (possibly out-of-print) that could be brought back to life with POD. And there are many more that simply don't need to run the risk of being out of stock, or loaded on a truck for delivery to our fulfillment centers only to sit there indefinitely. We will remain focused on expanding selection and in-stock for our book customers the world over, and it's clear to us POD will play a large part in that future.


The Amazon.com Books Team

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