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09/09/10Amazon Payments Launches New Streamlined Customer Experience for "Checkout by Amazon" -- Millions of Amazon Customers Can Now Checkout Directly on Merchant Websites
10/29/09Are you "Knick Knack," "Fiction Vixen," OR "Relentless Dentist"? -- Introducing Amazon Payphrase - The Easy-to-Remember Shortcut to Paying Quickly Across the Web and on
10/05/09Amazon Mobile Payments Service Launch for Developers and Merchants
04/30/09Integration with Leading Shopping Cart and E-commerce Solution Providers
02/05/09General Availability of Amazon Flexible Payments Service
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Product Buttons

Checkout by Amazon Button

Amazon PayPhrase Button

Amazon PayPhrase Button with Selection Drop-down

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Amazon Payments Logo

Amazon PayPhrase Logo

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Screenshots: How Checkout by Amazon works

A. Inline Checkout

Step 1: Begin Checkout

Step 2: Click on "Use Amazon Address Book" button

Step 3: Log-in with Amazon credentials




Step 4: Choose shipping address from Amazon address book

Step 5: Choose payment method from Amazon wallet and place the order

Step 6: Order Confirmed

B. Standard Checkout

Step 1: Click on the “Checkout with Amazon” button

Step 2: Log-in with Amazon credentials

Step 3: Verify the shipping and payment information and place the order




Step 4: Order Confirmed

Screenshots: Checkout by Amazon on 3rd Party Sites

Checkout by Amazon on


Checkout by Amazon on


Screenshots: How PayPhrase Works

Step 1: Choose Product

Step 2: Click on PayPhrase Button

Step 3: Create your PayPhrase




Step 4: Choose Pin

Step 5: Log-in with Amazon credentials

Step 6: PayPhrase Confirmed


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PayPhrase Videos
October 29, 2009
Download Documentation Introducing Amazon PayPhrase

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