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09/25/18Salesforce and AWS Expand Global Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Enterprises' Digital Transformations
09/04/18HubSpot Selects AWS as its Preferred Public Cloud Provider
08/27/18AWS and VMware Announce Amazon Relational Database Service on VMware
08/21/18AWS Announces Availability of T3 Instances for Amazon EC2
08/09/18AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Aurora Serverless
08/08/18Samsung Heavy Industries Selects AWS as its Preferred Cloud Provider
08/07/18DXC Technology and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Collaborate to Modernize IT Services and Accelerate Client Migrations to AWS
07/25/18AWS Makes New Amazon EC2 Instances Available to Process Large Amounts of Data, Faster
07/17/18Epic Games Goes All-In on AWS
07/17/18AWS Chosen to Provide the Vast Majority of Cloud Infrastructure for 21st Century Fox
07/17/18Major League Baseball Selects AWS as its Official Provider for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning
06/29/18Formula 1 Selects AWS as its Official Cloud and Machine Learning Provider
06/12/18zulily Selects AWS for the Vast Majority of its Cloud Infrastructure
06/06/18SAP on AWS Workloads Accelerate As Thousands of Customers Leverage AWS to Run SAP Solutions on AWS
06/05/18AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon EKS
05/31/18AWS Announces Pay-per-Session Pricing for Amazon QuickSight
05/30/18AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Neptune
05/15/18Verizon Selects AWS as its Preferred Public Cloud Provider
05/10/18Ryanair Goes All-In on AWS
05/01/18Oath Selects AWS as Its Preferred Public Cloud Provider
04/04/18Tens of Thousands of Customers Flocking to AWS for Machine Learning Services
04/04/18Amazon Aurora Continues its Torrid Growth, More than Doubling the Number of Active Customers in the Last Year
04/04/18AWS Announces Amazon S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access (Z-IA)
04/04/18Cox Automotive Goes All-In on AWS
04/04/18Shutterfly Goes All-In on AWS
03/28/18GoDaddy Goes All-In on AWS
01/16/18Comcast Selects AWS as its Preferred Public Cloud Provider
12/18/17Amazon Web Services Launches New Region in France
12/11/17Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co. Ltd (NWCD) Announce a Second AWS Region in China, Now Available to Customers
11/30/17AWS Announces Alexa for Business
11/30/17DigitalGlobe Goes All-In on AWS
11/29/17AWS Announces Five New Machine Learning Services and the World’s First Deep Learning-Enabled Video Camera for Developers
11/29/17AWS Announces a Slew of New IoT Services; Brings Machine Learning to the Edge
11/29/17AWS Announces New Capabilities for Amazon Aurora and Amazon DynamoDB, Introduces Amazon Neptune Graph Database
11/29/17AWS Announces Two New Container Capabilities—Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) and AWS Fargate
11/29/17Expedia Goes All-In on AWS
11/29/17The Walt Disney Company Selects AWS as its Preferred Public Cloud Infrastructure Provider
11/29/17National Football League Selects AWS as Official Cloud and Machine Learning Provider for Next Gen Stats
11/29/17AWS Announces New Amazon EC2 Instances
11/29/17AWS Announces Amazon GuardDuty
11/28/17AWS Announces Significant Investments in AWS Partner Network (APN) with New AWS Marketplace Features and APN Programs to Support Massive Cloud Growth
11/28/17AWS Announces AWS PrivateLink
11/28/17Turner Selects AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Provider
11/28/17VMware and AWS Expand Capabilities and Availability of VMware Cloud on AWS
11/27/17Intuit Selects AWS for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
11/27/17AWS Announces Family of Five AWS Media Services for Complete Video Workflows
11/27/17AWS Announces Amazon Sumerian
11/22/17Symantec Selects Amazon Web Services to Deliver Cloud Security to Global Customers
11/22/17AWS Announces Amazon ML Solutions Lab
11/06/17AWS Announces Availability of C5 Instances for Amazon EC2
10/26/17AWS Announces Availability of P3 Instances for Amazon EC2
10/24/17AWS Announces General Availability for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
10/12/17AWS and Microsoft Announce Gluon, Making Deep Learning Accessible to All Developers
10/05/17General Electric Names AWS Its Preferred Cloud Provider
09/28/17Toyota Racing Development Goes All-in on AWS
09/27/17Randstad Goes All-in on AWS
09/25/17Amazon Web Services Announces the Opening of Data Centers in the Middle East by Early 2019
08/28/17VMware and AWS Announce Initial Availability of VMware Cloud on AWS
08/14/17Amazon Web Services Makes AWS Glue Available To All Customers
08/14/17AWS Announces Amazon Macie
08/14/17FICO Selects AWS as Its Cloud Provider
08/14/17AWS Chosen by Hulu as Its Cloud Provider
07/31/17GRAIL Selects AWS as its Cloud Provider
07/14/17AWS Announces G3 Instances for Amazon EC2
06/14/17California Polytechnic State University Goes All-In on AWS
06/08/17Ancestry Goes All-in on AWS
06/07/17Amazon Web Services Makes AWS Greengrass Available to All Customers
05/02/17Red Hat and AWS Extend Strategic Alliance to Package Access to AWS Services Within Red Hat OpenShift
04/19/17AWS Announces Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator, Delivering Up to 10X Faster Query Performance
04/19/17AWS Launches Amazon Redshift Spectrum
04/19/17AWS Makes Amazon Lex Available to all Customers
04/19/17HERE Names AWS as its Preferred Cloud Provider
04/19/17Dunkin’ Brands Selects AWS as its Cloud Infrastructure Provider
04/04/17Amazon Web Services Announces the Opening of Data Centers in Sweden in 2018
03/28/17AWS Announces Amazon Connect
02/21/17AWS Announces Amazon GameLift Now Supports Any C++ and C# Game Engine
02/14/17AWS Announces Amazon Chime
02/08/17Live Nation Selects Amazon Web Services as Cloud Infrastructure Provider
12/13/16Amazon Web Services Now Available to Customers from Data Centers in the UK
12/08/16Amazon Web Services Cloud Now Available to Customers from Data Centers in Canada
12/02/16AWS and Salesforce Extend Global Strategic Alliance
11/30/16AWS Launches Amazon Athena
11/30/16AWS Extends Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility
11/30/16AWS Announces Seven New Compute Services and Capabilities to Support an Even Wider Range of Workloads
11/30/16AWS Announces Three New Amazon AI Services
11/30/16AWS Announces Two New Hybrid Services to Help Customers Extend the AWS Cloud to Connected Devices
11/30/16Workday Selects AWS as Preferred Public Cloud Services Provider for Customer Production
11/29/16AWS Announces New Programs, Competencies, and Tools to Support Growing AWS Partner Network
11/29/16Capital One Selects AWS as its Predominant Cloud Infrastructure Provider
11/28/16AWS Announces Leading Ocean Shipping Carrier Matson Goes All-In on the AWS Cloud
11/17/16The Sun Shines on Amazon’s Cloud in Virginia
11/16/16AWS Announces Flexible SaaS Subscriptions for AWS Marketplace
11/15/16AWS Makes Amazon QuickSight Available to all Customers
10/31/16Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Wind Farm US Central 2
10/19/16Amazon Web Services Adds New Capabilities to AWS Educate, Connecting Students with Cloud Careers
10/17/16Amazon Web Services Cloud Now Available to Customers from Data Centers in Ohio
10/13/16VMware and AWS Announce New Hybrid Cloud Service, “VMware Cloud on AWS”
09/30/16AWS Announces Availability of P2 Instances for Amazon EC2
08/11/16AWS Releases Amazon Kinesis Analytics
06/29/16AWS Launches Elastic File System
06/28/16Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Platform Now Available to Customers from Datacenters in India
06/23/16Amazon Web Services Achieves FedRAMP High Authorization
05/25/16Salesforce Selects AWS as Preferred Public Cloud Infrastructure Provider
05/18/16Amazon Web Services Announces Availability of X1 Instances for Amazon EC2
05/17/16SAP Business-Critical Applications Gaining Momentum on AWS
04/19/16Amazon Web Services Makes Amazon Inspector Available to All Customers
04/19/16Amazon Web Services Announces Two New Low-Cost HDD-Backed Storage Options for Amazon Elastic Block Store
03/15/16Amazon Web Services Announces that over 1,000 Databases Have Migrated to AWS since January 1, 2016
02/09/16Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Lumberyard — A Free, Cross-Platform, 3D Game Engine Integrated with AWS and Twitch
01/06/16Amazon Web Services Launches Korean Datacenters for Its Cloud Computing Platform
11/19/15Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Wind Farm US Central
10/08/15Amazon Web Services Announces AWS IoT
10/07/15Accenture and Amazon Web Services Create New Business Group to Help Enterprises Migrate to and Run Their Business in the AWS Cloud
10/07/15Amazon Web Services Announces Two New Database Services – AWS Database Migration Service and Amazon RDS for MariaDB
10/07/15Amazon Web Services Announces Two New Capabilities that Make it Faster, Easier, and More Cost-Effective to Move Data to the AWS Cloud
10/07/15Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon QuickSight
10/06/15Amazon Web Services Makes Several Partner Announcements at re:Invent 2015
09/03/15Amazon Web Services to Acquire Elemental
07/28/15Amazon Web Services Makes Amazon Aurora Available to All Customers
07/13/15Amazon Web Services Announces Its Largest Renewable Energy Project to Date
07/09/15Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Device Farm
07/09/15Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon API Gateway
07/09/15Amazon Web Services Announces Four More ISV Leaders Are “All-In” with AWS
06/30/15Amazon Web Services Announces 2016 India Expansion
06/25/15Amazon Web Services Opens Second Global “City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge”
06/11/15Amazon Web Services Announces M4 Instances for Amazon EC2
06/10/15Amazon Web Services Announces New Renewable Energy Project in Virginia
05/14/15Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Educate to Accelerate Cloud Learning in the Classroom
04/09/15Amazon Web Services Announces the AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps and Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager
04/09/15Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Machine Learning
04/09/15More Leading ISVs Go “All-In” with AWS
01/28/15Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon WorkMail
01/20/15Amazon Web Services to Use Wind Farm Power to Supply its Datacenters with Approximately 500,000 MWh of Power Annually
11/13/14Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Lambda
11/13/14Amazon Web Services Announces the EC2 Container Service
11/12/14Amazon Web Services Announces New Application Lifecycle Management Services
11/12/14Amazon Web Services Announces New Services for Enterprise Security and Governance
11/12/14Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Aurora
11/12/14AWS Introduces New Programs and Initiatives to Support Growing AWS Partner Network
11/11/14Leading Software Providers Go “All-In” with AWS
10/23/14Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Platform Now Available to Customers from Datacenters in Germany
09/18/14Back by Popular Demand, Amazon Web Services (re)Opens AWS Pop-up Loft for Startups in San Francisco
07/10/14Amazon Web Services Introduces Amazon Zocalo
07/10/14Amazon Web Services Launches New Capabilities for Mobile Developers
07/01/14Amazon Web Services Introduces New Low-Cost General Purpose Instance Type for Amazon EC2
06/25/14Amazon Web Services Announces Eight Winners of the Global City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge
06/17/14Amazon Web Services Announces New Lower-Cost, SSD-Backed Option for Amazon Elastic Block Store
03/26/14Amazon Web Services Receives Department of Defense-Wide Provisional Authorization for All U.S. Regions
03/25/14Amazon Web Services Introduces Global “City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge”
01/24/14Amazon Web Services Announces Even Lower-Cost, Faster Storage Options for Amazon Redshift
12/20/13Amazon Web Services Announces Availability of New High I/O Amazon EC2 Instance Type
12/18/13Amazon Web Services Announces Upcoming China Region for its Cloud Computing Platform
12/17/13Amazon Web Services Makes Amazon Kinesis Available to All Customers
11/14/13Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
11/14/13Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Kinesis
11/13/13Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon AppStream
11/13/13Amazon Web Services Introduces Amazon WorkSpaces
11/12/13Amazon Web Services Expands Partner Program
11/05/13Amazon Web Services Introduces New Amazon EC2 GPU Instance Type
10/10/13Amazon Web Services Announces ‘AWS Activate’ to Expand Resources Available to Startup Customers in the Cloud
08/13/13Amazon Web Services Makes Mobile App Development Easier with Amazon SNS Mobile Push
05/21/13Amazon Web Services Achieves FedRAMP Compliance for AWS GovCloud (U.S.) and All U.S. Regions
04/30/13Amazon Web Services Announces Launch of Certification Program for AWS Cloud Computing Professionals
02/19/13Amazon Web Services Launches AWS OpsWorks
02/15/13Amazon Web Services Makes Amazon Redshift Available to All Customers
01/29/13Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon Elastic Transcoder
01/24/13Grand Cru, LogMyCalls, MortarData and TraceLink Named Winners of the Sixth Amazon Web Services Global Start-Up Challenge, Receive $100,000 in Cash and AWS Service Credits
01/22/13Amazon Web Services Introduces High Memory Cluster Instances
12/21/12Amazon Web Services Introduces New Amazon EC2 High Storage Instance Family
11/28/12Eight Companies Unleash New Internet Businesses to the World at AWS re: Invent
11/28/12Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Redshift
11/15/12Amazon Web Services Certified to Run SAP Business Suite for Production Applications
11/12/12Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Platform Now Available from Datacenters in Australia
10/10/12Amazon Web Services Announces Rapid Growth in the Public Sector – More Than 300 Government Agencies and 1,500 Education Institutions Now Using AWS
09/14/12Sixth Amazon Web Services Global “Start-Up Challenge” Begins Today for Start-Ups Worldwide
09/12/12Amazon Web Services Launches Reserved Instance Marketplace – Providing Customers with More Options to Lower Costs with AWS
08/21/12Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Glacier
08/01/12Amazon Web Services Launches Provisioned IOPS for Amazon Elastic Block Store
07/19/12Amazon Web Services Introduces New Amazon EC2 High I/O Instance Type
06/14/12Amazon Web Services Expands Free Support and Lowers Prices on Premium Tiers
05/14/12Amazon Web Services Launches Dynamic Content Support in Amazon CloudFront
05/11/12AWS and SAP Announce Certification of AWS Infrastructure for SAP Business All-in-One Solutions* – Research Study Shows Infrastructure Cost Savings of up to 69% when Running SAP Solutions on AWS
05/09/12Amazon Web Services Announces First Global Customer and Partner Conference: AWS re: Invent
05/08/12Amazon Web Services Announces New Managed Services for Windows Developers Worldwide
04/19/12Amazon Web Services Introduces AWS Marketplace Where Customers Can Find and Buy Pre-Configured Software for the AWS Cloud
04/12/12Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon CloudSearch
03/29/12Amazon Web Services and the US National Institutes of Health Announce the Largest Catalog of Human Genetics is Now Available in the Cloud
02/22/12Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon Simple Workflow Service
01/25/12Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Storage Gateway to Connect Enterprise Data with the Cloud
01/18/12Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon DynamoDB – A New NoSQL Database Service Designed for the Scale of the Internet
01/16/12Amazon Web Services Adds Microsoft Windows Server Instances to Free Usage Tier
12/14/11Amazon Web Services Launches Brazil Datacenters for Its Cloud Computing Platform
11/09/11Amazon Web Services Announces New Lower Priced US West Region (Oregon)
09/15/11Amazon Web Services Earns Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Moderate Authorization and Accreditation, Expanding the AWS Security and Compliance Framework
08/23/11Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon ElastiCache - a Managed Caching Service in the Cloud
08/16/11Amazon Web Services Announces AWS GovCloud, a New AWS Region for the United States Government
08/04/11Amazon Web Services Announces Global Rollout of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Launches New Enterprise Capabilities for Dedicated Networking and Identity Management
08/01/11Fifth Annual Amazon Web Services "Start-Up Challenge" Begins Today for Start-Ups Worldwide
05/24/11Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon RDS for Oracle with Pay-As-You-Go Hourly Pricing
03/15/11Amazon Web Services Extends Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)
03/02/11Amazon Web Services Launches Japan Datacenters for Its Cloud Computing Platform
02/25/11Amazon Web Services Continues to Make It Easier to Launch Applications in the AWS Cloud--Introducing AWS CloudFormation
02/01/11Amazon Web Services to Launch Oracle Edition of Amazon Relational Database Service
01/25/11Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon Simple Email Service
01/19/11Amazon Web Services Introduces AWS Elastic Beanstalk
01/06/11Amazon Web Services Introduces New Premium Support Plans, Lowers Usage Prices by 50% on Existing Plans
12/07/10Amazon Web Services Achieves Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance
11/16/10Amazon Web Services Achieves ISO 27001 Certification
11/15/10Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Cluster GPU Instances, a New Amazon EC2 Instance Type Delivering High-Powered Graphics Processing Unit ("GPU") Computing in the AWS Cloud
10/21/10Amazon Web Services to Launch Free Usage Tier
10/05/10Amazon Web Services Announces "Read Replicas" for Amazon Relational Database Service - Delivering Added Scalability for High Traffic Web Applications
07/13/10Amazon Web Services Introduces Cluster Compute Instances, an Amazon EC2 Instance Type Tailored for High Performance Computing
06/10/10Amazon Web Services Announces General Availability of AWS Import/Export for Amazon S3 - Making Large Scale Data Transfer Faster and Easier
05/19/10Amazon Web Services Introduces Reduced Redundancy Storage Option for Amazon S3
05/18/10Amazon Web Services Announces "Multi-AZ" for Amazon Relational Database Service
05/07/10Netflix Selects Amazon Web Services to Power Mission-Critical Technology Infrastructure
04/28/10Amazon Web Services Launches Asia Pacific Region for Its Cloud Computing Platform
04/07/10Amazon Web Services Introduces Amazon Simple Notification Service - "Amazon SNS"
12/16/09Amazon Web Services Introduces Media Streaming to Its Content Delivery Service Amazon CloudFront
11/12/09Amazon Web Services Announces Expansion into Asia in the First Half of 2010
10/27/09Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Relational Database Service - a Relational Database in the Cloud
08/24/09Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - Now Enterprises Can Seamlessly Connect Existing it Infrastructures to Aws and Continue to Use Their own Security and Management Tools
07/09/09Amazon Web Services' Third Annual "Start-Up Challenge" Begins Today
05/18/09Amazon Web Services Launches New Features for Amazon EC2 Enabling Monitoring, Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing
04/29/09Amazon Web Services Goes to School with New Programs for Educators, Researchers, and Students
04/02/09Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon Elastic MapReduce - a Web Service for Processing Vast Amounts of Data
12/10/08Amazon Web Services Extends Amazon EC2 to Europe
12/04/08Amazon Web Services Launches "Public Data Sets on AWS," Enabling Developers and Researchers to Cost-Effectively Create, Share and Consume Massive Data Sets Available Free of Charge
11/18/08Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon CloudFront, a Self-Service, Pay-as-You-Go Content Delivery Service
10/23/08Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon EC2 for Windows
08/21/08Amazon Web Services Launches the Amazon Elastic Block Store for Amazon EC2
04/17/08Amazon Web Services Launches AWS Premium Support, Providing Customers with Fast, One-on-One Technical Assistance
03/27/08Amazon Web Services Launches ''Elastic IPs'' -- Static IPs for Dynamic Cloud Computing
12/07/07Ooyala Wins Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge, Receives $100,000 in Cash and Services Credits Plus Investment Offer from
11/06/07Amazon Web Services Offers European Storage for Amazon S3
06/06/07New Version of Alexa Web Search Service Gives Any Developer Tools to Innovate in Search at Web Scale
07/27/06``Alexa Site Thumbnail'' Web Service from Alexa Internet Now Available for Developers; New web service allows software and web developers to incorporate thumbnail images of web site home pages directly into their applications
03/14/06Amazon Web Services Launches

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