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Earth's Biggest Bookstore Increases Leadership in Online Book Selling--Offers Lowest Prices and Adds New Book Recommendation Feature

SEATTLE, June 10 --, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN), Earth's Biggest Bookstore, today announced significantly lower prices. For more than 400,000 titles, every hardcover is at least 30% off and every paperback is at least 20% off. Specially featured books are discounted 40%.

"Our commitment from day one has been to offer customers the biggest selection of books, great prices, fast delivery and informative reviews and features," said founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. "We've always offered the biggest selection, and with these prices, offers the lowest everyday book prices anywhere in the world, online or off." also announced a new feature that recommends books to customers that other customers who share their taste have enjoyed. For example, a customer who enjoyed The Partner can find the three most popular titles purchased by other readers of The Partner. Tapping its extensive information about book purchases, uniquely helps customers find books that match their tastes.

Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Inc. is headquartered in Seattle and is a publicly traded company. is the leading online retailer of books, offering a catalog of 2.5 million titles, easy-to-use search and browse features, email services, Web-based credit card payment and direct shipping to customers., Inc. has virtually unlimited online shelf space and can offer customers a vast selection through an efficient search and retrieval interface.'s name pays homage to the Amazon River. Just as the Amazon River is Earth's biggest is Earth's Biggest Bookstore, offering 14 times the number of titles carried by the largest physical book superstore.

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