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Vintage Boxing Photos from the Archive of the New York Daily News To Be Sold on

NEW YORK--(BW SportsWire)--March 31, 2000--

First Time Photographs from The Daily News Archive Have Ever Been Offered at Auction

Original, Vintage Photos Include Boxing Greats Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Frazier

On March 31st a selection of vintage boxing photographs from The New York Daily News archive will open for bidding at

The sale, which will be available online until April 13th, represents the first time The Daily News has ever offered vintage prints from its historic photographic archive for auction. The first in a series of special Internet sales devoted to original Daily News photos, this remarkable selection contains photographs of some of the greatest fighters of all time including: Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. The Collection of images from the late 1920's through the 1970's is comprised of 70 photographs and could fetch as much as $150,000.

The Collection captures some of the most celebrated moments in the history of boxing. "These photographs are some of the most exciting boxing pictures ever made and are particularly notable for their outlined, three-dimensional look -- a result of The Daily News' pioneering use of overhead lighting for boxing matches," commented Sotheby's Photography Specialist David Brown. "Furthermore, they are truly unique, each being the only print made and then used for publication in The Daily News."

The photographers represented in the auction are some of the finest in sports photojournalism, including Charles Hoff, Hank Olen and Dan Farrell. Here are a few of the highlights:

Charles Hoff, "Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Kid Gavilan, July 12, 1949"

    -- The Daily News caption on the verso of the print reads, "Ray

    Robinson makes Kid Gavilan's hair stand on end with a jolting

    right in retaining welterweight title in '49...News Foto By

    Charles Hoff; Best in Show and the First Prize Sports Picture

    of 1949 in the AP Contest." This photograph is estimated at

    $2,500 to 3,500. 


    Unknown Photographer, "Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling, June 22, 1938"


    -- This photo depicts one of the most famous fights of all time,

    the rematch between American boxer Joe Louis and Max Schmeling

    from Germany. Schmeling had beaten Louis in 1936, so the 1938

    rematch at Yankee Stadium was widely viewed as a metaphor for

    the tenuous state of foreign affairs -- as a chance for

    America to stand up to the Nazis on the relative eve of World

    War II. Louis knocked Schmeling out in the first round. The

    photograph is estimated at $1,500 to $2,500.


    John Peodincuk, "Cassius Clay with Black Muslim leader Malcolm X",



    -- The Daily News caption reads, "Clay and Malcolm X. 125th

    Street and 7th Avenue. Shows...Cassius Clay is shown at 125th

    Street and 7th Avenue. With him is Malcolm X." The newsprint

    clipping reads, "Cassius Marcellus Clay (left) with Black

    Muslim leader Malcolm X." This historically significant

    photograph, obviously taken before Clay had converted to the

    Muslim faith and changed his name to Muhammad Ali, is

    estimated at $2,500 to 3,500.


    Dan Farrell, "Ali and Patterson Fite (sic) at the Garden.

    9/20/72", 1972


    -- The Daily News caption reads, "Floyd, backpedaling, escapes

    left hand thrown by Ali." This photo featuring Muhammad Ali's

    famed title bout vs. Floyd Paterson at Madison Square Garden

    on September 20, 1972, is estimated at $1,000 to $1,500.


About The Daily News Archive:

Since its founding in 1919, The New York Daily News has chronicled and photographed all the important events of the city and the day, from entertainment to politics, disasters to celebrations, criminals to heroes. The New York Daily News archive ( represents an important piece of modern photojournalistic history, and documents the birth of tabloid photography with its reliance on dynamic images meant to grab the attention and imagination of busy city readers.

The Daily News has decided to offer their vintage prints to collectors around the world because it has digitized its entire photo collection, with a digital copy of each photo saved in its database. The paper will retain copyright and all reprint rights to its images.

Today, The New York Daily News photo archive is the largest searchable online database of photographs in the world. It consists of current color photographs as well as historic images edited from more than six million prints and negatives in the Daily News library. The Daily News photo archive is the best visual history of 20th century New York in existence. Images are available for purchase by commercial customers as well as for personal use.

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