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TenMarks Announces TenMarks Math Teach, a Comprehensive Teaching Resource for New Math Standards

BURLINGAME, Calif.--()--TenMarks Education—an Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) company—today announced the launch of TenMarks Math Teach, a professional development, preparatory, and in-class resource for teachers. TenMarks Math Teach is focused initially on Grades 2-6, with instructional resources for 12 core standards available at no cost to teachers starting November 20. This new program complements the already popular TenMarks flagship offering for math practice, intervention, assessment, and differentiation – used at more than 45,000 schools across the country.


Amazon’s TenMarks program is tackling a prominent challenge educators are facing nationwide as they transition to the new CCSS and state standards for math. Teachers across the country are required to teach to the depth and rigor of the new standards, and ensure that students have deep conceptual understanding, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, preparing them for college and careers. TenMarks Math Teach helps make this transition easier on teachers, providing a simple, budget-friendly solution for school districts nationwide.

In a recent national survey conducted by Amazon, and responded to by 4,400 K-12 teachers:

  • 71% of teachers reported receiving standards-aligned math teaching resources from their school/district
  • 96% of teachers routinely supplement from the Internet or create their own resources for math
  • 86% of teachers spend multiple hours a week researching, finding, and creating math lessons

TenMarks Math Teach provides a comprehensive set of resources to guide effective instruction for each math standard—many of which are new to teachers this year.The program can be used before or during class, and is supported across multiple browsers.

For each math standard that a teacher needs to cover in the classroom, TenMarks Math Teach provides:

  • A contextual overview – for deeper understanding of the learning objectives
  • Access to pre-requisite standards – to deepen students’ foundation critical to learning
  • A learning trajectory – to connect to standards from the years past and ahead
  • Pre-assessment framework – to customize the lesson based on the students’ preparedness
  • Targeted prompts and misconceptions – to elicit the depth of students’ understanding
  • Warm-up lessons – to improve the students’ prerequisite knowledge, just in time
  • Core lessons, including strategies and essential ideas – to deliver powerful instruction
  • Recommendations for enrichment opportunities – to drive stronger outcomes
  • Access to TenMarks videos and amplifiers – to provide blended learning opportunities

Below are comments from curriculum leaders about the TenMarks Math Teach program.

“Our district adopted TenMarks Math - the math practice and intervention program for all our students, and we are very pleased with the impact the program is having on students’ core math skills and confidence,” said Dr. Christina Goennier, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services, Beaumont Unified School District in California. “We anticipate that the new TenMarks Math Teach will be a perfect complement for teachers, as it helps every teacher deliver impactful classroom instruction, covering the depth and rigor requirements of each math concept. The fact that the two modules are integrated in lesson content is powerful – instruction, practice, and intervention – all using the same set of powerful math items, scaffolding learning like never before.”

“I am always looking for instructional resources to help me teach to the depth and rigor of the new math standards, ” said Ashley Matthieu, a 5th grade teacher at Live Oak Elementary, Lafayette Parrish Schools in Louisiana. “TenMarks delivers the learning resources for my students to get the right level of reinforcement and intervention, and I’m excited about using TenMarks Math Teach to support my classroom instruction.”

“The new CCSS math standards require teachers to teach differently, and ensure that students develop conceptual understanding of core math concepts, in addition to procedural problem solving skills,” said Leighangela Brady, the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for the Encinitas Union School District in California. “TenMarks Math Teach delivers what our teachers have been asking for – guided lessons to help teach to the depth and rigor of the new standards, saving them hours each day otherwise spent combing through and piecing together inconsistent lessons from around the web.”

TenMarks’s mission is to help improve student learning outcomes through quality instruction, personalized learning, and individualized support — and the new Math Teach program supports that mission.

“The new content and state curriculum standards implemented this last year are designed to improve students’ core math foundation, which is key to college and career readiness,” said Rohit Agarwal, CEO of TenMarks Education, an Amazon company. “With TenMarks Math Teach, we’ve made it simpler for educators to teach to the depth and rigor of those new standards, and leverage technology and content to deliver powerful classroom instruction—all the while boosting students’ comprehension and conceptual understanding.”

TenMarks Math Teach is focused on Grades 2-6, with instructional resources for 12 core standards available at no cost to teachers starting November 20. The full program is priced as a yearly subscription for districts. We encourage teachers to sign up here on November 20 to receive all the benefits of Math Teach:

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TenMarks' web-based math programs have been used by students across tens of thousands of schools and thousands of districts. Each day, students across the country use TenMarks to improve their math skills and confidence. TenMarks believes that students learn best when they are individually engaged, nurtured, and motivated.

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