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Genworth Financial Awards $3 Million Prize to 'Geniuses' at Live Finale of NBC's Treasure Hunters

RICHMOND, Va., Aug. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Genworth Financial (NYSE: GNW) has awarded prizes worth $3 million, one of the richest prizes in television history, to the "Geniuses" team, who were revealed as winners of the NBC Treasure Hunters' summer reality show in last night's live finale.

The Geniuses -- Francis Goldshmid, 20, Sam Khurana, 21, and Charles Taylor, 22 -- beat out nine other teams that began the challenge in June. Genworth was one of the show's primary sponsors, the exclusive sponsor of the Genworth Financial Treasure Hunters online game and the sponsor and prize provider at last night's finale in Washington, DC. Scott Gray, winner of the online game, was also awarded a prize worth $100,000 at last night's finale.

"Genworth Financial's business is focused on helping people financially to achieve their dreams," said Buzz Richmond, senior vice president of brand marketing for Genworth. "We continue seeking groundbreaking avenues to build the Genworth Financial brand. Treasure Hunters provided a dynamic and exciting way to reach a wide audience with highly visible Genworth Financial roles throughout the season."

The three winners all attend Southern Methodist University. They met in organic chemistry lab where Charles was the teaching assistant. On last night's finale, when the team learned the size of its prize, Goldshmid said, "This is absolutely awesome." "This is a life-changing experience," Taylor added. All three said that, for the most part, life would continue as normal, and they planned to catch a red-eye flight back to Southern Methodist University and return to the classroom, where they all continue pursuing their degrees.

"We couldn't be happier to award such substantial prizes to these outstanding young men," said Michael D. Fraizer, Genworth chairman and chief executive officer. "Charles plans to go to medical school and conduct research in his own lab. Sam also plans to be a doctor and open a free geriatric clinic. Francis wants to help his family, including funding his parents' retirement, to repay them for all the sacrifices he says they've made for him. It's extremely gratifying to know that the prize money will help them realize these admirable dreams."

Each winning team member may elect to receive $1 million, delivered as an annuity provided by Genworth Life Insurance Company. Or they can take a cash award, based on the present value of the annuity. Because income payments from an annuity are guaranteed, the recipients aren't exposed to market risks, including fluctuations in interest rates and investment returns. The Genworth Life Insurance Company bears these risks.

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