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Multimedia News Release - Genworth Financial's New Ad Campaign Celebrates Life at 100

RICHMOND, Va., June 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Baby boomers contemplating increased longevity can get a look at how rich life can be at age 100 and above in Genworth Financial's new groundbreaking centenarian ad campaign that begins today and will appear across television, print and the web.

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The campaign, launched today on television and a special website created by Genworth at, features a pilot, trumpeter, water skier, columnist and others -- all more than 100 years old and enjoying vibrant, independent lives. The campaign highlights the need for financial products and security at any stage of life, including Genworth products such as life and long term care insurance, retirement income and investments and mortgage insurance.

"This campaign is a celebration of life," said Buzz Richmond, Genworth's senior vice president for brand marketing. "It reminds viewers and readers that people are living longer, healthier lives in retirement -- and what better way than featuring these wonderful centenarians and their incredible stories -- like Clayton Scott, 101, the nation's oldest licensed pilot, or Helen Green, 104, who began her first email correspondence at age 95."

Centenarians are one of the nation's fastest-growing demographics, and convey a compelling example of the nation's increasing longevity. While many consumers are thinking about financial needs of early years of retirement, a healthy couple aged 65 today has a 50 percent likelihood of seeing one of them live to age 92, and a 25 percent chance that one will survive to age 97.

The television ads are airing on ESPN, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC and Discovery. "These ads target our core distributor demographic," said Richmond. "Print media will launch July 10 in Money, SmartMoney, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and run through the rest of the year."

The initial television ads convey that Genworth Financial is a market leader in providing products that give consumers retirement income they can't outlive, as well as long term care insurance that enables them to receive covered benefits where and when they choose. Additional print and television ads will focus on these and other Genworth offerings, including mortgage insurance, life insurance, and products which provide combined benefits such as life insurance linked with long term care coverage.

"This new campaign introduces Genworth's products and services -- an extension of our first series of ads that were designed just to introduce our new brand following our initial public offering in 2004," Richmond said. "While the ads are about real people and their very real, long lives, they are designed to touch our core distributor demographic in ways that make them increasingly excited and proud to represent Genworth products."

Meet Genworth's Centenarians:
Helen Green, 104
Born in Seattle, Helen became a published author at 93. She wrote her first email at age 95.

Edward Rondthaler, 100
Ed walks a half mile daily and writes a weekly column for his local newspaper. He also drives himself on errands around his hometown.

Leonard "Rosie" Ross, 100
On most Fridays, Rosie drives to the Pine Cone Inn in Arizona to play his trumpet in a band; he also goes out dancing once a month.

Clayton Scott, 101
Clayton is the country's oldest licensed pilot. He took the controls of a twin-engine Aerostar on his 100th birthday. He made more than 1000 test flights of B-17 bombers during World War II.

Dr. Frank W. Shearer, 100
Frank has been water skiing since the early 1930s and was featured in the March 2006 issue of Water Skier Magazine. He water skied in Acapulco, Mexico for his 100th birthday.

Roberta Smith, 100
Roberta attended school in a one-room schoolhouse with 150 other children. She recalls doing domestic work for Hopalong Cassidy and Bing Crosby, and helped Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz when they built their hotel in Palm Desert, California.

"These are wonderful, spirited and vigorous individuals who have been inspirational to everyone involved in this campaign," said Richmond. "We are honored to tell their stories and believe that life -- and Genworth products purchased at the right time --- can be just as innovative for folks at age 100 or more as they can for anyone."

Multimedia stories about Genworth's centenarians are online at:

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