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Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited ('Aspen Holdings') is a Bermuda holding company. We attract clients from all over the world seeking flexible solutions to a wide variety of risks.

We provide property and casualty reinsurance in the global market through Aspen Insurance UK Limited ('Aspen Re') and Aspen Insurance Limited ('Aspen Bermuda'). We provide property and liability insurance principally in the United Kingdom and in the United States through Aspen Re and Aspen Specialty Insurance Company ('Aspen Specialty') and we provide marine and aviation insurance and reinsurance and other specialty reinsurance worldwide through Aspen Re. Aspen Re America, Inc. is a reinsurance intermediary which provides property and casualty reinsurance in the United States exclusively on behalf of Aspen Re.

Aspen was established in June 2002. We listed on the New York Stock Exchange in December 2003 (our ticker symbol is AHL). Our results can be found on our financial results page.

Our financial strength, diverse operating platform and sophisticated risk selection criteria position us to achieve continued growth and to succeed in establishing Aspen as a highly focused leader in key reinsurance and insurance lines.
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Primary IR Contact
Kerry Calaiaro
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited
Phone: +1 646 502 1076

Noah Fields
Vice President, Investor Relations
Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited
Phone: +1 441 297 9382

Annual Report 2010

Aspen’s securityholders are entitled to receive, free of charge, printed copies of the Company's complete audited financial statements by writing to the Head of Investor Relations, Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited, Maxwell Roberts Building, 1 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda HM11 or contacting Investor Relations at 1 441 295 8201.

Click on the image above to download the 2010 Annual Report.