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Corporate Profile

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PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. is the oldest bank in Indonesia. Its history was started back on 16 December 1895, when Raden Bei Aria Wiraatmaja founded a small financial institution with the name of De Poerwokertosche Hulp en Spaarbank der Inlandsche Hoofden. The institution was a mosque-based association, which function was to manage and disburse trusted fund to community in a very simple scheme.

Over the years, the institution went through name changes and evolve with the surrounding condition. In 1912, it’s name changed to Centrale Kas Voor Volkscredietwezen, and in 1942 – by Japanese ruling it was changed to Syomin Ginko. In the independence era, Syomin Ginko was replaced by the name of Bank Rakyat Indonesia. Still going through some name changes, finally in 1992 the official name of the institution was PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero), being one of the state owned enterprises. In 2003, BRI became a publicly listed with 30% of its share listed on Jakarta Stock Exchange (now Indonesia Stock Exchange/IDX) with the ticker code of BBRI. Currently, BBRI is part of LQ45 equity index, one of blue chips shares in IDX

Vision and Mission

The vision of the Bank is being the leading commercial bank that always prioritize customer satisfaction. To accomplish the Company’s vision, BRI has set itself with three missions. First, to conduct the best banking practice with a priority given to services the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in order to support the economy of the people. Second, to provide its customers with excellent services delivered through its vast network and supported by professional human resources, while adhering to the practices of Good Corporate Governance. Third, to create optimal values and benefits for its stakeholders.

Business Focus

Since its inception, BRI has commitment to focus on banking services in micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME’s). This commitment is reflected in the allocation of loans for the sectors that affect the livelihood of the population and other financial services that the Bank offers to the community.

Line of Services

Full Range of Deposits Account

  • Saving Deposits (Simpedes, Britama, and Junio)
  • Demand deposits
  • Time Deposits
  • Special purpose saving deposits (Haj Deposits, Britama Business Purposes)
Full Range of Lending Products

  • Micro Loans
    - Kupedes BRI
    - Peoples Business Loan (Kredit Usaha Rakyat/KUR)
  • Small Commercial Loans
  • Program Loans
  • Consumer Loans (Motor Vehicle Loan, Housing Loan, Multipurpose Loan)
  • Medium Loans
  • Corporate loans
Full Range of Banking Services

  • Money Transfer
  • Cash Management Service
  • Domestic Traveler's Cheque
  • Trade Finance and Remittances
  • Treasury and Capital Market Support Services
    - Trust and Selling Agent
    - Custodian Services
    - Financial Institution Pension Funds
  • Bancassurance
  • Point of sales services

As of December 2015, BRI serves it customers through more than 10.000 outlets spreads all over Indonesia
  • 1 Head Office
  • 19 Regional Offices
  • 1 Head of Audit Office
  • 19 Regional Audit Offices
  • 467 Branches Offices (including 1 Special Branch and 4 overseas offices)
  • 603 Sub Branch Offices
  • 5,360 BRI Units (Micro Outlet)
  • 983 Cash Counters
  • 2,543 Teras BRI
  • 636 Teras Mobile
Since 2009, all of BRI’s outlets above are connected in real time online by BRINETS. BRI also provide access to its banking services through its electronic channel;
  • 22.792 ATMs linked to ATM Bersama, ATM Prima, ATM Link, Cirrus, and Maestro
  • 187.758 Electronic Data Captures (EDC)
  • 892 Cash Deposit Machine
  • 57 E-Buzz

BRI also supported by a huge number of capable and competent/professional/experienced employees. Currently it employs more than 100.000 people.