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Brillian Unveils True Six-Megapixel 1080p HDTV

Complete and Customizable Rear-Projection High-Definition Television

Powered By UltraContrast(TM) Gen II LCoS(TM) Microdisplay Technology

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- At the Consumer Electronics Show, Brillian Corporation (Nasdaq: BRLC) will introduce the BR6580 six-megapixel 1080p HDTV monitor, the second in its family of UltraContrast(TM) Gen II liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS(TM))-based HDTVs. The 65-inch diagonal 1080p HDTV monitor provides the highest contrast -- up to 2000:1 -- and highest fidelity images available today in an LCOS rear-projection TV.

"Our 1080p HDTV showcases the extraordinary quality of our Gen II LCoS(TM) technology in a sleek, elegant platform that can be tailored to meet our OEM customers' specific market needs," said Vincent F. Sollitto, Brillian president and CEO. "With the addition of a six-megapixel 1080p platform to our award-winning three-megapixel 720p system, along with recent LCOS-based announcements by other major market players, the future of LCOS as a display technology for rear-projection HDTVs looks very good. We intend to play a major role in this market as it continues to evolve."

The Brillian 1080p HDTV light engine uses three two-megapixel UltraContrast(TM) Gen II LCoS(TM) microdisplays that meet the 1920 x 1080 HDTV standard format. Each of the 1920 x 1080-pixel microdisplays in the three-panel light engine is dedicated to a single color - red, green, or blue -- resulting in a true six-megapixel projected image. The red, green, and blue light is channeled, integrated, and then projected creating a totally rainbow- and artifact-free image. The light engine is solid state eliminating the need for motorized color wheels or spinning prisms. The exceedingly fast response time of UltraContrast(TM) Gen II LCoS(TM) technology ensures that even the fastest sequences are projected without blurring or tearing artifacts. With its tightly packed 8.1 x 8.1 micron pixels, the 90% fill factor eliminates the "screen door" effect that characterizes plasma, direct-view LCD, and projection LCD TVs. This provides OEMs, retailers, and distributors of home theatre/ProAV equipment, as well as their end customers, with the ultimate in superb, high-resolution image quality and performance.

Brillian's full-featured video-processing and progressive-scan drive electronics provide advanced motion-adaptive de-interlacing/scaling, 3:2 pull-down detection, and noise reduction via the 13 different inputs. The high-quality, built-in audio system provides excellent stand-alone performance plus flexible audio connections for professional home-theatre or ProAV installations.

"The 1080p HDTV is aimed at the true videophile and is designed to be upgradeable to meet the demands of the most discriminating viewer, now and in the future," said Robert L. Melcher, Brillian chief technology officer. "The system audio/video board firmware/software is upgradeable, so as new features and controls are added consumers can take advantage of the latest innovations. The system also will accommodate an expansion module that can support an ATSC tuner, media players, and other peripherals as they become available."

Superb Customization Platform

"The TV/monitor is a complete turnkey solution and offers everything an OEM/retailer requires to quickly enter the HDTV market," said Bill Fox, Brillian's senior vice president, Sales. "We look forward to giving potential customers an in-depth demonstration of this extraordinary platform."

The Brillian 1080p HDTV monitor includes the optical engine; all system electronics; a state-of-the-art ultra-fine-pitch screen-consisting of a fresnel lens and lenticular screen; and a pedestal or in-wall system chassis, or a completely tailorable industrial design. Because of the customizable and flexible software platform, further differentiation is offered to interested OEMs/retailers/distributors such as custom state-of-the-art video processing, extensive RS-232 control features, and an expansive selection of screen layout modes: single image, picture-in-picture, side-by side, 4-up, 9-up, and 13-up configuration options for the rich set of 13 inputs (DVI (1), VGA (1), HD-component (2), SD-component (1), RF-tuners (2), S-video (3), and Composite (3)).

The 1080p HDTV is available in a pedestal or an in-wall industrial design. In the pedestal model, the speaker grille, fascia, and cabinet can be tailored to meet each OEM's unique requirements. An innovative optical path minimizes the cabinet's depth. Only 21 inches deep (in-wall model) or 23 inches deep (pedestal model), the units are much thinner than CRT-based HDTVs. Weighing in at only 112 pounds, the designs are also much lighter than CRT systems and can easily be accommodated by a tabletop or the optional stand.

Brillian's HDTVs, in 720p and 1080p system configurations, will be showcased in private sessions at the Las Vegas Hilton, January 6-8, 2005. To schedule an appointment, call or email: Deanna Krause, Brillian Marketing Manager, at +1.602.410.8681 or deanna.krause@brilliancorp.com.

About Brillian Corporation

Brillian Corporation designs and develops rear-projection HDTVs targeted at high-end video/audio OEMs, high-end video/audio retailers, ProAV/CEDIA distributors, and their base of dealers and custom installers looking for breakthrough performance and image quality. The company is the first and only provider of Gen II LCoS(TM) technology used in these products. In addition to its high-definition televisions, Brillian also offers a broad line of LCoS(TM) microdisplay products and subsystems that OEMs integrate into proprietary HDTV products, multimedia projectors, and near-to-eye products such as monocular and binocular headsets. Brillian's LCoS(TM) microdisplay technologies address the market demand for a high-performance display solution with high image fidelity, high-resolution scalability, and high contrast ratios. The company's website is www.brilliancorp.com.

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