2013 News Releases

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12/10/13Journal Communications Announces Extension of Existing Share Repurchase Authorization Until End of 2015Printer Friendly Version
12/06/13Journal Broadcast Group to Partner with Katz Television as National Sales RepPrinter Friendly Version
10/31/13Journal Communications Reports Third Quarter 2013 ResultsPrinter Friendly Version
10/14/13Journal Communications to Announce Third Quarter 2013 Results on October 31, 2013Printer Friendly Version
10/04/13Journal Broadcast Group to Sell Palm Springs TV Stations KMIR and KPSE to OTA BroadcastingPrinter Friendly Version
09/20/13Journal Broadcast Group and Time Warner Cable Reach AgreementPrinter Friendly Version
07/31/13Journal Communications Reports Second Quarter 2013 ResultsPrinter Friendly Version
07/15/13Journal Communications to Announce Second Quarter 2013 Results on July 31, 2013Printer Friendly Version
05/28/13Journal Communications Names Turner Vice PresidentPrinter Friendly Version
05/03/13Journal Broadcast Group Completes Purchase of WNOX-FM From Oak Ridge FM, Inc.Printer Friendly Version
05/02/13Journal Communications Reports First Quarter 2013 ResultsPrinter Friendly Version
04/17/13Journal Communications to Announce First Quarter 2013 Results on May 2, 2013Printer Friendly Version
03/13/13Journal Communications Names Alvin Pritchard Vice President of Finance for Journal Broadcast GroupPrinter Friendly Version
03/07/13Journal Communications Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2012 ResultsPrinter Friendly Version
02/20/13Journal Communications Names Dean H. Blythe to its Board of DirectorsPrinter Friendly Version
02/14/13Journal Communications to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2012 Results on March 7, 2013Printer Friendly Version

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