2015 News Releases

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03/13/15Scripps, Journal Communications Boards Set Record Dates for TransactionsPrinter Friendly Version
03/12/15Journal Communications Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 ResultsPrinter Friendly Version
03/11/15Scripps, Journal Communications Receive Shareholder Approvals for Mergers, SpinoffsPrinter Friendly Version
03/02/15Journal Communications Receives Recommendations from ISS and Glass Lewis that Shareholders Vote “FOR” the Journal/Scripps TransactionPrinter Friendly Version
02/27/15Journal Communications to Announce 2014 Results on March 12Printer Friendly Version
02/13/15Dani Longoria to Join Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as Vice President of AdvertisingPrinter Friendly Version
02/04/15Trina Jashinsky to Join Journal Communications as Vice President of Human ResourcesPrinter Friendly Version

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