Corporate Governance

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Journal Communications is committed to following best practices in its corporate governance. Our board has adopted a set of corporate governance guidelines, which include compliance with board independence requirements, a lead director role, executive sessions for outside directors, and an annual performance evaluation of the functioning of the board. We have in place an up-to-date charter for each of our board committees. We also have adopted codes of ethics for board members and for our finance team, in addition to our long-standing ethics code applicable to all employees. These materials are posted on our website for review by investors and the public.

We offer our employees an outsourced Ethics Line (phone service & website) for use in reporting any concerns about our business practices. In addition, we welcome the reporting of any concerns by customers, vendors and other third parties. Our Ethics Line is number 1-800-297-8132 and the website address is You may request that your concern be sent to our Lead Director and/or the Chair of our Audit Committee. You also may request that your concern be sent to each of our Directors.

In addition, shareholders who wish to communicate with our Directors, may do so by sending the information to Board of Directors, c/o Corporate Secretary, Journal Communications, Inc., 333 W. State Street, P.O. Box 661, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-0661. Our Corporate Secretary will promptly distribute the information to each of our Directors.

We intend to review and update our corporate governance materials as best practices in corporate governance evolve.