Biography PhotoDavid  J. Drury
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Poblocki Sign Company LLC

David J. Drury, 64, has been the President, Chief Executive Officer and majority owner of Poblocki Sign Company LLC since July 1999. Poblocki Sign Company LLC is a privately held architectural exterior and interior sign company located in West Allis, Wisconsin. Mr. Drury is a Certified Public Accountant, a former partner of Price Waterhouse and served as a business consultant from 1997 to 1999. Mr. Drury is chair of the Executive and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committees and serves as our Lead Director. He has been a director since August 2003. Mr. Drury was a director of our predecessor company since March 2003. Mr. Drury is a director and member of the nominating and corporate governance committee and chair of the audit committee at Plexus Corp. and a member of the Board of Trustees and chair of the audit committee at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. Mr. Drury is also a director and member of the audit committee at Fiskars Corporation.