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Filing DateFormIssuerDescriptionFiling GroupDownloads
05/10/178-K Report of unscheduled material events or corporate eventCurrent Reports
04/20/17EFFECT EFFECTOther
04/20/17EFFECT EFFECTOther
04/20/17424B3 Form of prospectus reflecting facts events constituting substantive change from last formRegistration Statements
04/17/17S-4/A Pre-effective amendment to an S-4 filingRegistration Statements
04/14/17S-3/A Pre-effective amendment to an S-3 filingRegistration Statements
04/07/17S-4 Registration of securities issued in business combination transactionsRegistration Statements
04/07/17S-3 Simplified registration formRegistration Statements
03/14/17SC 13D Filing by person(s) reporting owned shares of common stock in a public company >5%Other
03/06/173Khaira JasvinderInitial filing by director officer or owner of more than ten percent.3,4,5
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