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COSI INC filed this Form 8-K on 02/13/2017
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37.          The Debtors propose that with respect to the Holders of Unimpaired Claims, Unclassified Claims, the Rejecting Interest Holders, and all creditors whose Claims were listed in the Debtors’ Schedules as being contingent, unliquidated, and/or disputed, unless a proof of Claim was timely filed (the “Contingent Claim”), receive a copy of a notice of the confirmation hearing (the “Confirmation Hearing Notice”), the form of which is attached as Exhibit C, in lieu of receiving a Solicitation Package.   Holders of Unimpaired Claims, Unclassified Claims, Rejecting Interests, and Contingent Claims are referred to herein as the “Notice Parties”.

38.          The Confirmation Hearing Notice contains, among other things, the deadline to object to confirmation of the Plan, the date of the hearing on confirmation of the Plan, and instructions by which the Notice Parties may obtain copies, free of charge, of the Solicitation Package.  The Confirmation Hearing Notice also identifies all deadlines related to Assumed Contracts and Leases including (i) the deadline for the Debtors to file the Schedule of Assumed Contracts and Lease, inclusive of cure amounts, if any and (ii) the deadline for counterparties to executory contracts and unexpired leases designated for assumption to file objections thereto.

39.          The Debtors also propose that service requirements regarding Class 4 (Customer Claims) be modified such that notice will be deemed sufficient upon the issuance of a press release regarding the information contained within the Confirmation Hearing Notice.  As a practical matter, the Debtors lack mailing addresses for most of the Holders of Customer Claims, many of whom have purchased gift cards redeemable for food or merchandise.  The Debtors typically do not collect mailing information from customers who purchase gift cards.  Therefore, the Debtors will, instead, provide notice to Holders of Customer Claims (who are Unimpaired under the Plan) by:  (i) issuing a press release which will include substantially all of the information contained within the Confirmation Hearing Notice and (ii) posting the Confirmation Hearing Notice on the Debtors’ website (together, the “Customer Notice Procedures”).  The Debtors request that Customer Notice Procedures be deemed sufficient regarding Class 4 Customer Claims.

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