Board of Directors Profiles

Darren R. Jackson - Chief Executive Officer, Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
John F. Bergstrom - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bergstrom Corporation
Jack Brouillard - Chairman of the Board, Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
Fiona P. Dias - Principal Digital Partner, Ryan Retail Consulting
John F. Ferraro - Past Global Chief Operating Officer, Ernst & Young
Adriana Karaboutis - Executive Vice President, Technology and Business Solutions, Biogen Idec
William  S.  Oglesby - Director and Senior Managing Director, The Blackstone Group, L.P.
Paul Raines - Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors, Game Stop Corporation
Gilbert  T. Ray - Director and Retired Partner, O’Melveny & Myers, LLP
Carlos  A. Saladrigas - Chairman and CEO of Regis HR Group
O. Temple Sloan, III - Past President, General Parts Inc.
Jim Wade - Past President, Advance Auto Parts