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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

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Code of Ethics & Business Conduct

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Code of Ethics & Business Conduct
Reporting Code of Ethics Violations
Violation of the Code of Ethics & Business Conduct


Advance Auto Parts, or the “Company” or “Advance,” is a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry. The following information outlines the key principles of our Code of Ethics & Business Conduct, or “Code.” Our Code provides information and guidance on our commitment to being honest and ethical in all of our business dealings. Some parts of the Code may be more relevant to certain individuals or functions than others. However, all Team Members, officers and directors, as well as other interested parties, should be aware of the entire Code of Ethics & Business Conduct because our reputation rests on each and every one of us complying with our high ethical standards.

The Code is neither a contract nor a comprehensive manual intended to cover every situation that might arise.

Why We Have a Code
Our stockholders, our vendors, our Team Members, and, most importantly, our customers expect and demand that we conduct our business with the highest degree of honesty and integrity. Advance Auto Parts is committed to meeting these expectations. As a result, we expect and require all of our Team Members, including our officers and directors, and any parties with whom we do business to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

The Code is designed to assist our Team Members, officers and directors with understanding their ethical responsibilities and to highlight key issues and identify policies and resources to help them make decisions that will reflect well on themselves, their teams and Advance Auto Parts. Further guidance on particular issues may be found in other company documents such as the Team Member Handbook, and/or specific departmental policies and procedures.

Who Must Follow Our Code
The reputation and integrity of Advance Auto Parts depends on the honorable actions of our Team Members; therefore, each and every Team Member must maintain the highest standards of personal and business conduct. Individuals at all levels of our Company are expected to know and follow our Code and to conduct themselves consistent with the highest ethical standards, including:
  • All employees and officers of Advance and its wholly-owned subsidiaries (our Team Members)
  • All members of the Advance Board of Directors
  • Any parties who conduct business with or on behalf of Advance
This Code supersedes and replaces all previous codes of conduct or similar policies provided to Team Members, including all codes issued by companies who have been acquired by or merged with Advance. Any references to Company or Advance include all subsidiaries and affiliates of Advance Auto Parts.

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Key Principles of Our Code

  • Honesty
    We must be honest and truthful in all of our dealings and relationships with our customers, our vendors, our stockholders, our fellow Team Members and any other person or entity with whom we come into contact..
  • Fair Dealing
    We must be fair and professional in all of our business dealings, including our dealings with our customers, our vendors and suppliers, our fellow Team Members and our competitors. We must never take advantage of anyone we do business with through manipulation, concealment, misuse of confidential information, giving or accepting bribes or kickbacks, antitrust violations, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair or dishonest business practice.
  • Respect and Human Rights
    We must treat each of our Team Members, customers, vendors, suppliers and any other parties with whom we do business with dignity and respect. Team Members must be provided a work environment that is safe and free from discrimination or harassment of any type. Advance strictly prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other legally protected status. This applies to all areas of employment, including hiring, training, advancement, compensation, discipline and termination.

    Advance believes that dignity and respect are fundamental rights of every individual and is committed to upholding basic human rights in all areas of our business. We do not condone human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, harassment or abuse of any kind, and we expect our vendors and others with whom we do business to operate consistently with these principles. 
  • Compliance With Laws
    We must comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations that apply to our business, including insider trading laws. If there is any uncertainty about what is required by the law or our company policies, further guidance should be sought without delay.
  • Accurate Company Records and Public Disclosure
    All company information and records, financial or otherwise, and all company disclosures and public communications must accurately reflect transactions and events, be consistently applied, and conform to both required accounting and reporting principles and Advance Auto Parts’ systems of internal controls and policies.
  • Conflicts of Interest
    Business decisions must be based on the best interests of Advance Auto Parts and its stockholders, and may not be motivated by personal considerations or relationships. Team Members are required to disclose to their supervisors any transaction or relationship that may create an actual or perceived conflict of interest. Officers and directors are required to disclose to the Chair of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors or our General Counsel any transaction or relationship that may create an actual or perceived conflict of interest..
  • Corporate Opportunities
    Team Members, officers and directors are prohibited from (a) taking for themselves personally any business opportunities that are discovered through the use of company property, information or position, (b) inappropriate use of company property, information or position for personal gain, and/or (c) competing with Advance Auto Parts.
  • Confidential and Proprietary Information
    We must properly use and protect the confidential and proprietary information of Advance Auto Parts, as well as that of our customers, our fellow Team Members, and our vendors and other business partners. Only those Team Members with a “need to know” should have access to confidential company information. Confidential information may only be disclosed to third parties as authorized or legally mandated.
  • Protection of Company Assets
    We must protect the assets of the company from loss, theft, damage, carelessness and waste. Company assets and property may only be used for legitimate business purposes and with proper authorization and notice.

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Reporting Code of Ethics Violations

The Company has developed and communicated reporting procedures and systems to encourage all Team Members, officers, directors and other interested parties to ask questions about the Code or to report a violation. These systems include:

  • Chain of command reporting options described in our Team Member Handbook;
  • Contacting the appropriate Human Resources and/or Asset Protection partner; and/or
  • Contacting the Advance Auto Parts Team Member Hotline by telephone (1-800-277-2900) or online ( The anonymity of callers using the Team Member hotline will be respected.

Questions and complaints will be handled in an appropriate, prompt and confidential manner. Advance Auto Parts will not retaliate and strictly prohibits retaliation against any party for reporting in good faith any suspected violation of the Code, or any other company policy/procedure or federal, state or local law or regulation. Similar protection extends to anyone giving information in relation to an investigation conducted by Advance Auto Parts or a governmental agency.

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Violation of the Code of Ethics & Business Conduct

Advance Auto Parts will promptly and thoroughly investigate all complaints of Code violations. Violations of the Code by Team Members, officers or directors will result in discipline, up to and including termination of employment or removal from office. Violations of this Code by vendors, suppliers or other outside parties may result in termination of their relationship(s) with Advance Auto Parts. If applicable, the Company may also pursue civil or criminal prosecution.

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Advance Auto Parts strictly prohibits any and all retaliation against Team Members or other individuals who in good faith report possible violations of our Code. Any such retaliation will result in discipline up to and including termination of employment, removal from office and all other appropriate remedial action.


A waiver of an action or conduct by any officer or director of Advance Auto Parts which is contrary to or would otherwise constitute a violation of this Code may be made only by the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Advance Board of Directors and will be promptly disclosed to stockholders.

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