Investors:  Share Ownership Guidelines

To further align the personal interest of senior management and the Board of Directors with the interests of Bunge's shareholders, the Board has established share ownership guidelines. The guidelines detail the minimum amount of Bunge common shares senior executives and Board members should hold. The guidelines took effect in 2005, and are required to be met within five years of their effective date or, if later, from when the individual initially joins the Board or is appointed to a covered position.

The guidelines for senior executives are based on a multiple of the executive's base salary. For Bunge's Chief Executive Officer, the guideline is six times base salary. For executives reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, the guideline is three times base salary. For non-employee directors, the guideline is five times the annual retainer fee paid by Bunge to its non-employee directors.

Shares deemed to be owned for purposes of the share ownership guidelines include shares owned directly, hypothetical share units held under Bunge’s deferred compensation plans and 50 percent of the difference between the exercise price and the fair market value of Bunge’s common shares for vested, in-the-money stock options. Additionally, 50 percent of the value of unvested time-based restricted stock units is also included for executives. Unvested stock options and unearned performance-based restricted stock units do not count towards achievement of the guidelines.

Covered executives are required to hold 50 percent of the net shares they acquire through Bunge's long-term incentive plans (such as stock options or performance-based restricted stockunits) until the guideline is met. Bunge’s non-employee directors must hold 100 percent of the net shares acquired until the guideline is met.