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The JCDecaux share

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  • JCDecaux shares are traded on Euronext Paris by NYSE Euronext (Section A), and only on that market under ISIN code FR0000077919
  • JCDecaux shares have been among the shares on the SBF 120 index since 26 November 2001, and the Euronext 100 index since 2 January 2004.
  • Since 3 January 2005, JCDecaux has also joined a new stock index, called the CAC Mid100 index. This index consists of the Mid100 first market capitalisations that follow the 60 largest stocks that make up the CAC 40 and CAC Next20.
  • Since 22 September 2003, JCDecaux has also been part of the ASPI Eurozone Index, a European index used by investors who wish to invest in companies committed to sustainable development and social responsibility.
  • Lastly, since 6 September 2007 the Group has been included among the new companies that are part of the Dow Jones Sustainability (DJSI) index, another index of socially responsible companies.
  • The share’s Reuters code is JCDX.PA and its Bloomberg code is DEC FP.
  • The share is eligible for the Deferred Settlement System (SRD) and in PEA.
  • At 31st December 2011, the share capital was €3,382,240.96 divided amongst 221,860,303 shares, distributed as follows:
    • registered shares: 159,716,961 held by 150 shareholders;
    • bearer shares: 62,143,342 shares.
  • Dividends: For the past three fiscal years, the following dividend payments have been made:
    • Fiscal year 2009:  none
    • Fiscal year 2010: none
    • Fiscal year 2011: a dividend of €0.44 per share, eligible for a deduction of 40%.
Unclaimed dividends will revert to the French State five years from the payment date.