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12/19/07Frédéric Baudot is appointed Business Development Director, North and West Africa, of JCDecauxPDF Version
12/13/07JCDecaux wins the contract for a self-service bicycle hire scheme in Nantes MétropolePDF Version
12/10/07JCDecaux is awarded the contract for street furniture with advertising space and for a self-service bicycle hire scheme by the city of AmiensPDF Version
11/27/07JCDecaux renews twelve regional Street Furniture contracts in FrancePDF Version
11/20/07JCDecaux receives the 2007 Investment Prize in JapanPDF Version
11/19/07Vélô Toulouse: successful launch with more than 9,000 rentals in 3 daysPDF Version
11/16/07HSBC wraps Vélô ToulousePDF Version
11/06/07Quaterly information report - Q3 2007PDF Version
11/06/07Q3 revenues up 11.8% to €487.9 million, supported by record organic revenue growth (+12.2%)PDF Version
10/29/07JCDecaux renews eight Street Furniture contracts in the Greater Paris (Ile-de-France region)PDF Version
10/24/07JCDecaux renews landmark street furniture contract in HamburgPDF Version
10/22/07JCDecaux wins the street furniture contract for NanterrePDF Version
10/16/07JCDecaux wins the advertising contract for Bangalore International AirportPDF Version
10/15/07Le Vélo in Marseille: successful launch with 9,450 rentals in 3 daysPDF Version
10/02/07Jean Muller has been appointed Deputy Executive Vice-President of JCDecauxPDF Version
10/01/07JCDecaux Wins 8-Year Advertising Concession Contract for Minneapolis St-Paul International AirportPDF Version
09/26/07JCDecaux wins the contract for street furniture and self-service bicycles for the City of LuxembourgPDF Version
09/26/07JCDecaux strengthens the organisation of its sales teamsPDF Version
09/19/07JCDecaux wins the Street Furniture contract for AntibesPDF Version
09/17/07JCDecaux joins the Dow Jones Sustainability index, the benchmark index of socially responsible corporationsPDF Version
09/12/07H1 2007 resultsPDF Version
09/11/07JCDecaux announces pan-European alliance with SAMSUNGPDF Version
09/10/07JCDecaux wins the contract for advertising street furniture and self-service bicycles in RouenPDF Version
09/03/07JCDecaux awarded the self-service bicycle contract for ToulousePDF Version
08/21/07Vélib’: two million rentals in 39 daysPDF Version
07/24/07Half-year financial report - H1 2007PDF Version
07/24/07First half of 2007: Revenues up 7.7% to €1,019.0 Million, supported by accelerating organic revenue growthPDF Version
07/18/07JCDecaux: Avenir wins the OPAC of Paris billboard contractPDF Version
06/26/07JAPAN: MCDecaux wins 4 new contracts (Sapporo, Kita-Kyushu, Sakai and Hamamatsu) and extends its presence to 13 of the 20 largest cities in JapanPDF Version
06/21/07JCDecaux enters the fast-growing Kazakh marketPDF Version
06/06/07JCDecaux has become Brussels Airport’s new management partner for all its advertisingPDF Version
06/01/07JCDecaux to present at Deutsche Bank Media & Telecommunications ConferencePDF Version
05/21/07JCDecaux wins the 3rd largest market in Norway for Street FurniturePDF Version
05/21/07Tremendous success for Aéo, the Aéroports de Paris’ first digital network!PDF Version
05/09/07First Quarter 2007: Revenues Up 7.0%, Driven by Solid Organic Revenue GrowthPDF Version
04/24/07JCDecaux Estonia wins 15-year agreement for Street Furniture in TallinnPDF Version
04/23/07JCDecaux confirms its role as the industrial and strategic partner of Affichage HoldingPDF Version
04/18/07JCDecaux has won the street furniture contract for the urban community of Grand NancyPDF Version
04/16/07JCDecaux announces worldwide alliance with UnileverPDF Version
04/12/07Don Sperring appointed Group Digital Strategy Director for JCDecauxPDF Version
04/10/07JCDecaux is developing its organisationPDF Version
04/10/07JCDecaux Lithuania wins 15-year agreement for Street Furniture in VilniusPDF Version
04/04/07JCDecaux enters the Qatari outdoor advertising marketPDF Version
04/02/07JCDecaux has won the street furniture and self-service bicycle contract for BesançonPDF Version
03/21/07JCDecaux wins the public tender for street furniture and self service bicycles in Seville for 20 yearsPDF Version
03/14/07Strong Results Underpinned by Good Organic GrowthPDF Version
03/08/07Strengthening the partnership between JCDecaux and Wall: - an exchange of assets - the creation of a 50/50 joint venture to sell advertising space in GermanyPDF Version
03/07/07Self service bicycles in Paris: Cyclocity® is creating 400 jobs immediatelyPDF Version
03/01/07JCDecaux signs the self-service bicycle and street furniture contract for the City of ParisPDF Version
02/21/07JCDecaux renews 8 Street Furniture contracts in the Ile-de-France regionPDF Version
02/19/07JCDecaux confirms contract signing with BT PayphonesPDF Version
02/14/07CBS/Decaux wins city of Glendale street furniture contractPDF Version
02/02/07Contract for bicycles and street furniture in Paris: JCDecaux confirms its commitmentsPDF Version
01/30/072006 Revenues: up 11.5% to €1,946.4 Million, Supported by Record Organic Growth (+7.7%)PDF Version
01/24/07JCDecaux renews 7 regional street furniture contractsPDF Version
01/15/07JCDecaux wins the self service bicycle and street furniture contract for Mulhouse and its suburbsPDF Version
01/11/07Vélo’v® in Lyon : 12 million kms travelled and 5.5 million rentals in 2006PDF Version
01/08/07JCDecaux wins the Strasbourg advertising contracts for street furniture and tramway sheltersPDF Version