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Corporate Governance - Overview

Overview | Directors | Committee Members | Code of Business Conduct & Ethics | Code of Conduct Waiver |
Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter | Compensation Committee Charter | Executive Committee Charter | Finance and Investment Committee Charter | Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter | Underwriting Committee Charter | Corporate Governance Guidelines
"At Alterra, we are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. To ensure our commitment is reflected in reality, we have developed a framework within which we operate and that enables us to service our clients with consistency and professionalism.

We are constantly mindful of the paramount role our shareholders play in the success of Alterra, and strive to attain a high level of transparency, trust and open communication in all our investor relationships."

W. Marston Becker
President and Chief Executive Officer
Governance Links
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Committee Charters
Audit and Risk Management Committee
Compensation Committee
Executive Committee
Finance & Investment Committee
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Underwriting/Risk Management Committee