Global Business Integrity Program

Coach's objective is to be a good employer and a responsible and socially sensitive corporate citizen in the locations in which the corporation conducts business.

In order to accomplish these objectives, Coach has established the Global Business Integrity Program. This Program sets forth the ethical and legal responsibilities all Coach employees and those who represent Coach's good name are expected to uphold.

The Global Business Integrity Program consists of three published documents to inform our employees and strategic partners of our expectations. The first is a guide to the Global Business Integrity Program that is issued to Coach employees worldwide. The second is the Global Operating Principles which sets forth the minimum standards by which we expect each strategic partner will operate and conduct business. These global principles also convey to Coach employees and all public constituencies Coach's values, commitments and goals.

Lastly, Coach has developed a set of guidelines for firms from whom Coach sources products, including contractors, joint venture partners and suppliers of goods and services. These principles are set forth separately in a statement of Supplier Selection Guidelines.

These principles and philosophies that govern the operations and businesses of Coach are based not only on laws and regulations, but are also founded on dignity and respect for the individual, a strong commitment to common sense, fairness, diversity, and ethical business practices and policies. In order to monitor the adherence to these principles, Coach created a Global Business Standards Committee comprised of senior executives. The GBS Committee meets quarterly. Coach also has an Ethics and Compliance Reporting System or 1-800-396-1807) on which employees and others can report issues with and deviations from Coach's principles and philosophies.

As Coach continues to expand its operations and businesses to more and more countries in order to effectively compete in the global marketplace, these fundamental principles will extend to all the corporation's locations with the aim of achieving Coach's mission: to build our brand worldwide while creating stockholder value. Coach is committed to the promulgation, application, and continued development of these principles at each location where it operates.