1.When was Coach founded?
 Coach was founded in 1941 as a family run workshop in Manhattan. Coach products quickly became renowned for their distinctive design, quality, function and durability. In 1985 Coach was purchased by the Sara Lee Corporation. In October of 2000 Coach had its initial public offering and became a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, traded under the symbol COH. In 2011, Coach became the first company incorporated in the United States to list in Hong Kong; trading under the stock code 6388.

2.How did Sara Lee divest Coach?
 Sara Lee sold 19.5% of their shares of Coach at the IPO in October of 2000. This was followed in April 2001 with the distribution of their remaining shares to Sara Lee’s stockholders through an exchange offer.

3.Where is Coach headquarters?
 Coach's corporate headquarters are located at 516 West 34th Street in midtown Manhattan, which was formerly a Coach manufacturing facility. A small factory remains at the location, where sample products are made.

4.Who is authorized to sell Coach product?
 Coach offers its merchandise for sale through the following methods of distribution: (1) Coach retail stores, (2) Coach outlet stores, (3) authorized department stores, (4) authorized specialty stores (5) limited duty free locations, and (6) the Company’s e-commerce sites. Coach does not have individual distributors and is not available through house parties.

5.How many North American stores does Coach operate and what is the total square footage?
 At the end of fiscal year 2014 Coach's North American retail store base was 332 with square footage of 910,003. Coach's North American outlet store base was 207, with square footage of 1,132,714.

6.How many directly operated locations does Coach operate outside of North America?
 As of June 2014, Coach directly operated over 450 locations in Asia, including Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as over 25 locations in Europe.

7.Where else can I buy Coach products?
 As of fiscal year end 2014 Coach was available in approximately 1,000 department store locations in North America and approximately 200 international department stores, retail store and duty free shop locations in over 35 countries. You can also purchase Coach products on our e-commerce websites in North America, Japan and China.

8.What is Coach's geographical sales mix?
 For the year ended June 28, 2014, North America, which includes sales to North American consumers through Company-operated stores, including the Internet, and sales to wholesale customers and distributors, represented approximately 65% of sales. International, which includes sales to consumers through Company-operated stores in Japan and mainland China, including the Internet, Hong Kong and Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, and Europe, as well as sales to wholesale customers and distributors, represented approximately 35% of sales.

9.What is Coach's sales mix by product category?
 In fiscal 2014, Coach’s sales mix was as follows: 55% Women’s handbags; 22% women’s accessories including small leather goods (money pieces, wristlets, cosmetic cases, key rings and charms); and 14% men’s including business cases, computer bags, messenger-style bags, totes, and small leather goods (wallets, card cases, and belts). The remaining 9% included footwear, wearables, sunwear, watches, travel, jewelry and fragrance.

10.Does Coach license product?
 Yes, for example: watches, since 1998 with the Movado Group, Inc.; footwear since 1999 with the Jimlar Corporation; fragrance, since 2010 with Estée Lauder Companies Inc. and eyewear with Luxottica as our licensee since 2012. All of Coach's licensing arrangements are a collaborative effort between Coach and the licensee.

11.Where are Coach products made?
 Coach product is handcrafted from the finest American and European hides and textiles. As of June 28, 2014, Coach’s products were assembled in manufacturing facilities in 20 countries including the US, Europe and Asia. By using a global supply chain, we are able to deliver innovative products to our customers monthly and keep our price points approximately at half of those of the European luxury brands.

12.Does Coach franchise?
 No, Coach does not franchise in North America.

13.Can I sell Coach product in my store?
 At this time we are not currently entering into new wholesale/vendor relationships.

14.Who should I contact about international store opportunities outside of North America and Japan?
 Please send correspondence to Coach, Inc., 516 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001. Attn: President, Coach International.

15.On what stock exchange is Coach traded, and what is Coach's symbol?
 The company's Common Stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol COH. Coach’s Hong Kong Depositary Receipts are traded on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under the symbol 6388.

16.Is Coach in any major stock index?
 Yes, Coach is included in the S&P 500 index.

17.When does Coach's fiscal year end?
 The fiscal year ends the Saturday closest to June 30th.

18.Is Coach's stock widely followed by security analysts?
 Yes, Coach stock is followed by a substantial number of "sell-side" analysts who represent major national and regional brokerage firms.

19.When was Coach's initial public offering and at what price?
 Coach's IPO occurred on October 4th 2000, at a price of $16.00 per share, the current equivalent of $2.00 per share, after giving effect to the three subsequent stock splits in July 2002, October 2003 and April 2005.

20.When does Coach report its quarterly results?
 Coach reports first quarter results in late October, second quarter results in late January, third quarter results in late April, and fourth quarter in early August.

21.How can I obtain a copy of the Coach Annual Report, a 10-K Form and/or a Proxy Statement?
 These documents are available in the Investor Relations section of Coach.com, or contact us to request a printed version.

22.How can I purchase Coach stock?
 Please contact a stockbroker.

23.Does Coach pay a dividend on its' stock?
 Yes, Coach offers an annual cash dividend of $1.35 annually ($.3375 per quarter)

24.Does Coach offer a dividend reinvestment plan or a direct reinvestment plan?
 Coach does offer a dividend reinvestment plan but not a direct investment plan.

25.When and where is Coach's Annual Shareholders Meeting?
 This year Coach's meeting will be held the first Thursday in November at our Corporate Headquarters. Generally, the exact date is communicated to our shareholders by Notice (under the SEC’s Notice and Access Rules), and the proxy statement, made available electronically or mailed in late September.

26.Does Coach mail quarterly reports to shareholder?
 No we do not, however we invite our shareholders to listen to our quarterly conference calls via toll free, or via web-cast on Coach.com. In addition we publicly issue results which are available on this web site under Investor Relations, Press Releases.

27.Does Coach report monthly retail sales?
 No we do not, however we invite our shareholders to listen to our quarterly conference calls via toll free, or via web-cast on Coach.com. In addition we publicly issue results which are available on this web site under Investor Relations, Press Releases.

28.As a registered shareholder, who should I contact to report my address change/request a stock certificate/report a lost Stock certificate/find out how many shares of Coach stock I own?

Registered shareholders should contact Coach's transfer agent and registrar:  Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc., P.O. Box 1342, Brentwood, NY 11717.  Contact them directly as follows:
Domestic callers please dial 1-888-808-3038 and international callers dial 1-720-358-3607.  Via E-mail at shareholder@broadridge.com, or on their website at www.shareholder.broadridge.com.  Shareholders holding their Coach shares in street name should contact their brokers.

29.What is Coach's CUSIP number?
 The CUSIP number for Coach Common Stock is 189754104.

Coach’s Hong Kong Depositary Receipts are traded on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under the symbol 6388.

30.Who are Coach's independent auditors?
 Deloitte and Touche, LLP.

31.How many people does Coach employ?
 As of June 28, 2014, Coach employed approximately 17,200 people, including both full and part time employees. Of these employees, approximately 7,300 and 7,000 were full time and part time employees, respectively, in the retail field in North America and Asia.

32.How can I apply for employment at Coach?
 Coach offers excellent career growth opportunities, competitive salaries, and benefits in our New York Corporate Headquarters, New Jersey office, Jacksonville, Florida, Distribution and Customer Service Center, and in our network of retail stores. Current career opportunities and their qualifications are available on our website under “Company Information/Careers”. You may also send your resume with cover letter to the attention of our Human Resources department at 516 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001.

33.Does Coach have an Internship program?
 Yes, Coach does have a summer internship program at our corporate headquarters in New York City. We begin recruiting for these internships in January. At that time, if you are interested, please send your resume with cover letter to the attention of `Human Resources - Internship Programs' at Coach, Inc. at our corporate headquarters.

34.Does Coach make product donations to schools, non-profits, etc.?

Coach donates product, on a limited basis, to non-profits that reflect the mission of The Coach Foundation.  We give preference to nominations from Coach employees for organizations that meet this criteria.  If you’d like to submit a nomination or need further information, please send an email to productdonations@coach.com.