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INTUITIVE SURGICAL INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/02/2018
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Our clinical sales team works on site at hospitals, interacting with surgeons, operating room staff, and hospital administrators to develop and sustain successful robotic surgery programs. They assist the hospital in identifying surgeons who have an interest in robotic surgery and the potential benefits provided by the da Vinci Surgical System. Our clinical sales team provides the current clinical information on robotic surgery practices and new product applications to the hospital teams and has grown with the expanded installed base of da Vinci Surgical Systems and the total number of procedures performed. We expect this organization to continue to grow as our business expands.
Our customers place orders to replenish their supplies of instruments and accessories on a regular basis. Orders received are typically shipped within one business day. New direct customers who purchase a new da Vinci Surgical System typically place an initial stocking order of instruments and accessories soon after they receive their system.
Our business is subject to seasonal fluctuations. Historically, our sales of da Vinci Surgical Systems have tended to be heaviest during the third month of each fiscal quarter, lighter in the first fiscal quarter and heavier in the fourth fiscal quarter. In addition, we have historically experienced lower procedure volume in the first and third fiscal quarters and higher procedure volume in the second and fourth fiscal quarters. Procedures treating benign conditions are typically higher in the fourth quarter and lower in the first quarter. The timing of procedures and changes in procedure volume impact the timing of instrument and accessory and capital purchases.
Customer Support and Training Programs
We have a network of field service engineers across the U.S., Europe, and Asia and maintain relationships with various distributors around the globe. This infrastructure of service and support specialists offers a full complement of services for our customers, including 24/7 support, installation, repair, and maintenance. We generate service revenue by providing these services to our customers through comprehensive service contracts and time and material programs.
We provide basic system training that teaches the fundamental operating principles of the da Vinci Surgical System to surgeons, surgical assistants, and operating room nurses. We have established training centers where initial system training and ongoing surgical procedural training are provided, the latter led by expert surgeons. Surgeons may also practice their robotic surgery technique using our da Vinci Skills Simulator. In addition, we help facilitate the proctoring of surgeons who are new to da Vinci Surgery by experienced da Vinci Surgical System users. Proctors provide training to other surgeons on how to perform certain surgical procedures with da Vinci Surgical Systems.


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