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New GreenLight MoJo(TM) Now Delivers 400kJ for More Efficient Laser Therapy to Treat Enlarged Prostate

AMS GreenLight HPS(R) Upgrade Provides More Joules to Extend Fiber Life, Remove More Tissue and Treat Larger Glands

MINNETONKA, Minn., March 25, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- American Medical Systems(R) (AMS) (Nasdaq: AMMD), a leading provider of world-class devices and therapies for both male and female pelvic health, announced the release of GreenLight MoJo, a new software upgrade for its industry-leading GreenLight HPS laser therapy treatment system. The HPS now delivers up to 400 kilojoules (kJ) for more efficient treatment of enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

The new GreenLight MoJo ("More Joules") delivers 45% more joules for the same price and lasts longer, allowing physicians to remove more tissue and/or treat larger glands (greater than 80g) with a single fiber. GreenLight MoJo can speed procedural time and reduce treatment costs by eliminating fiber changes during each case.

"The new MoJo upgrade allows GreenLight physicians to treat a wider range of cases with greater confidence and may provide better surgical outcomes by allowing for the removal of more tissue with a single fiber," said Joe Martin, senior vice president and general manager of BPH Therapies at AMS. "A simple software upgrade is all it takes to significantly improve the power and performance of this proven treatment."

In addition to improved capacity, the GreenLight MoJo upgrade includes a new "time out" feature that allows for total operative time of up to 150 minutes. While the average GreenLight procedure takes just 50 minutes, this feature extends the total operative time for physicians who are new to GreenLight or are not yet as efficient in their technique.

"GreenLight users may now be able to reduce as much prostatic volume with MoJo as with more invasive TURP procedures, providing yet another treatment option for patients whose BPH causes troubling symptoms," Martin said. "This is particularly important for patients with a medical history that reduces their candidacy for other forms of treatment."

The MoJo upgrade will be provided free of charge during the next preventative maintenance visit for GreenLight HPS consoles currently under the base warranty, and Gold or Platinum agreements with at least one maintenance check-up remaining. Physicians who want to upgrade sooner may contact AMS or their authorized distributor.

More than 100 published clinical articles and 150 published abstracts have highlighted the proven safety and efficacy of GreenLight, which is backed by more than seven years of clinical history with nearly 400,000 patients successfully treated worldwide. Offering no significant risk of TUR syndrome, fluid absorption or blood transfusion, GreenLight yields less than 1% of reported cases of erectile dysfunction, restoring men's quality of life without compromise.

For more information about AMS' GreenLight MoJo, visit http http://www.greenlighthps.com/.

About American Medical Systems:

American Medical Systems, headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is a diversified supplier of medical devices and procedures to cure incontinence, erectile dysfunction, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), pelvic floor repair and other pelvic disorders in men and women. These disorders can significantly diminish one's quality of life and profoundly affect social relationships. In recent years, the number of people seeking treatment has increased markedly as a result of longer lives, higher-quality-of-life expectations and greater awareness of new treatment alternatives. American Medical Systems' products reduce or eliminate the incapacitating effects of these diseases, often through minimally invasive therapies. The Company's products were used to treat approximately 335,000 patients in 2009.

More information about the Company and its products can be found at its website www.AmericanMedicalSystems.com and in the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for 2008 and its other SEC filings.

Source: American Medical Systems, Inc.

Investor Relations Contact:
Mark Heggestad
American Medical Systems

SOURCE American Medical Systems