Equity Distribution

American Airlines Group Inc. is providing details over the course of the equity distribution period that investors and creditors may find useful, corresponding to each of the key equity distribution dates under AMR’s Plan of Reorganization (Plan) and the Merger Agreement.

Download Documentation Preferred Stock Conversion Calendar - Updated 4/9/14
Download Documentation Certificate of Designation
Download Documentation American Airlines Group Inc. - IRS Form 8937
Download Documentation Certificate of Incorporation (Including Stock Transfer Restrictions)
Download Documentation US Airways Group, Inc. – Form 8937
12/2/2013Share Determination Date Results
12/9/2013Plan Effective Date; Form 8-K
12/17/2013Optional Conversion Cutoff Date Reached
1/8/2014Day 30 – Mandatory Conversion Date
1/14/2014Optional Conversion Re-opens
1/15/2014Optional Conversion Cutoff Date Reached
2/7/2014Day 60 - Mandatory Conversion Date
2/13/2014Optional Conversion Re-opens
3/5/2014Start of Optional Conversion Blackout Period
3/9/2014Day 90 - Mandatory Conversion Date
3/13/2014Optional Conversion Re-opens
4/3/2014Start of Optional Conversion Blackout Period
4/8/2014Day 120 - Mandatory Conversion Date
4/9/2014Summary of Day 120 Distribution Rates
7/9/2014Summary of July 1, 2014 DCR Distribution
11/18/2014Summary of November 4, 2014 DCR Distribution
2/10/2015Summary of February 10, 2015 DCR Distribution
7/14/2015Summary of July 14, 2015 DCR Distribution
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