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Terra Nitrogen Company, L.P. (NYSE symbol: TNH) is required to distribute each quarter 100% of its "available cash", as defined by the Partnership agreement, to unitholders and the General Partner. The amount of available cash depends on, among other factors, TNCLP's profitability, working capital changes, capital spending and future cash needs.

Below is information about TNCLP’s cash distributions to unitholders from 1996 to the present. Please note that the graph below shows the quarter in which the distributions were paid, based on available cash from the previous quarter.

TNCLP announced a cash distribution for the quarter ended June 30, 2014, of $3.11 per common limited partnership unit.

TNH Cash Distributions per Common Unit

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Additional Information about the Distribution

Of the Available Cash from Terra Nitrogen, Limited Partnership (the Operating Partnership), 99% is distributed to TNCLP and 1% is distributed to the General Partner, TNGP Inc. Cash distributions from the Operating Partnership generally represent Available Cash from operations. Cash distributions are made 99.975% to Common Unitholders and 0.025% to the General Partner, except when cumulative distributions of Available Cash exceed specified target levels above the Minimum Quarterly Distribution (MQD) of $0.605 per unit.

When cumulative targeted levels are attained, the General Partner is entitled, as an incentive, to larger percentage interests. The Common Units, Class B Common Units and General Partner Units percentage interests in TNCLP's distributions of Available Cash at various levels follows.

Distribution Allocation
(of 99% Remaining after 1% Distribution to General Partner)
Target Level (Distribution/Unit)Percent Allocable To:
Common Units Class B Common Units General Partner Units
$0.605 (MQD)98.990%0.985%0.025%
$0.715 (First Target)98.990%0.985%0.025%
$0.825 (Second Target)85.859%0.985%13.157%
$1.045 (Third Target)75.758%0.985%23.258%

>$1.045 (Final Target)

Distribution History
08/18/1408/06/1408/29/14$3.11Cash, quarterly
05/19/1405/07/1405/30/14$3.01Cash, quarterly
02/21/1402/10/1402/28/14$2.10Cash, quarterly
11/15/1311/04/1311/28/13$2.02Cash, quarterly
08/16/1308/06/1308/29/13$4.02Cash, quarterly
05/20/1305/08/1305/30/13$4.68Cash, quarterly
02/19/1302/08/1302/28/13$3.63Cash, quarterly
11/16/1211/05/1211/29/12$4.12Cash, quarterly
08/17/1208/06/1208/29/12$4.21Cash, quarterly
05/15/1205/03/1205/30/12$4.00Cash, quarterly
02/21/1202/10/1202/29/12$4.53Cash, quarterly
11/14/1111/01/1111/29/11$3.96Cash, quarterly
08/15/1108/04/1108/29/11$3.75Cash, quarterly
05/16/1105/05/1105/27/11$4.84Cash, quarterly
02/22/1102/11/1103/01/11$1.36Cash, quarterly
11/15/1011/04/1011/29/10$1.40Cash, quarterly
08/10/1007/28/1008/25/10$2.36Cash, quarterly
05/10/1004/28/1005/27/10$1.25Cash, quarterly
11/06/0910/22/0911/24/09$1.63Cash, quarterly
08/07/0907/23/0908/27/09$2.22Cash, quarterly
05/05/0904/21/0905/27/09$2.10Cash, quarterly
02/17/0902/10/0902/27/09$2.97Cash, quarterly
11/07/0810/23/0811/25/08$2.80Cash, quarterly
08/08/0807/24/0808/28/08$3.63Cash, quarterly
05/08/0804/24/0805/28/08$4.20Cash, quarterly
02/12/0802/07/0802/27/08$4.45Cash, quarterly
11/08/0710/25/0711/26/07$2.10Cash, quarterly
08/09/0707/26/0708/27/07$3.00Cash, quarterly
05/10/0704/26/0705/29/07$1.57Cash, quarterly
02/15/0702/08/0702/27/07$.97Cash, quarterly
11/09/0610/26/0611/27/06$1.00Cash, quarterly
08/09/0607/27/0608/25/06$.92Cash, quarterly
11/08/0510/27/0511/23/05$.30Cash, quarterly
08/08/0507/28/0508/24/05$1.45Cash, quarterly
05/09/0504/28/0505/25/05$.55Cash, quarterly
02/14/0502/09/0502/28/05$.65Cash, quarterly
11/08/0410/28/0411/24/04$.50Cash, quarterly
08/09/0407/29/0408/25/04$.75Cash, quarterly
05/10/0404/29/0405/25/04$.25Cash, quarterly
02/09/0401/29/0402/25/04$.25Cash, quarterly

Disclaimer: Statements in this section that are not historical facts may be forward-looking and involve risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, market prices for nitrogen and methanol products, the cost of natural gas, industry production levels, business cycles and weather.  Please refer to our most recent annual report for a complete discussion of risk factors.