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Rexam Legacy Financial Information

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The following historical Rexam documents are being provided solely for information purposes and without any representation or warranty, express or implied, including as to their accuracy or completeness. Ball Corporation and its officers, directors, employees, affiliates and associates (collectively the “Ball Parties”) hereby disclaim any and all responsibility and liability in respect of (a) any use of or reliance on the Rexam documents, (b) the accuracy of any information or data therein, and (c) any errors or omissions therein. By accessing any of the Rexam documents, you agree to the foregoing and that you will not make any claim or take any action against any of the Ball Parties in respect of the Rexam documents.

Reports and Publications

2015Rexam 2015 Annual Report
2014Rexam 2014 Annual Report
2013Rexam 2013 Annual Report

Shareholder Services

July 25, 20162016 Rexam Transaction Tax Letter and ADR Information
July 20, 2016ADR Notice to FINRA Rexam Mandatory Exchange
June 30, 2016Capital Reduction Mix and Match Election Results and Scheme Effective - Rexam RNS
June 29, 2016Rexam Scheme Court Order to Companies House - U.S. FTC Approval
June 23, 2016Rexam Regulatory Update and Timetable
June 22, 2016Rexam Annual General Meeting
June 8, 2016Rexam Results of Court Meeting
May 17, 2016Rexam Scheme of Arrangement
1999 - 2015Rexam Dividend History
2014Return of Cash Circular
2012EGM Proposed Return of Cash

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