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CUMMINS INC filed this Form 8-K on 02/13/2019
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in the event that any information included in the Nomination Notice, or any other communication by the Nominating Shareholder (including with respect to any group member) with the Corporation, its shareholders or any other person in connection with the nomination or election ceases to be true and accurate in all material respects or omits a material fact necessary to make the statements made not misleading or that the Nominating Shareholder (including any group member) has failed to continue to satisfy the eligibility requirements described in Section 2.13(c), to promptly (and in any event within 48 hours of discovering such misstatement, omission or failure) notify the Corporation and any other recipient of such communication of the misstatement or omission in such previously provided information and of the information that is required to correct the misstatement or omission and/or notify the Corporation of the failure to continue to satisfy the eligibility requirements described in Section 2.13(c), as the case may be.
An executed agreement, in a form deemed satisfactory by the Board of Directors or its designee, acting in good faith, by the Nominee:
to make such other acknowledgments, enter into such agreements and provide such other information as the Board of Directors requires of all Directors, including promptly completing the Corporation's Director questionnaire;
that the Nominee has read and agrees, if elected as a Director of the Corporation, to sign and adhere to the Corporation's corporate governance principles and codes of ethics and any other Corporation policies and guidelines applicable to Directors; and
including the representations and agreements required of a nominee for Director by Section 2.12.
The information and documents required by this Section 2.13(d) shall be (i) provided with respect to and executed by each group member in the case of information applicable to group members and (ii) provided with respect to the persons specified in Instruction 1 to Items 6(c) and (d) of Schedule 14N (or any successor item) in the case of a Nominating Shareholder or group member that is an entity.  The Nomination Notice shall be deemed submitted on the date on which all the information and documents referred to in this Section 2.13(d) (other than such information and documents contemplated to be provided after the date the Nomination Notice is provided) have been delivered to or, if sent by mail, received by the Secretary of the Corporation.
(e) Exceptions.