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CUMMINS INC filed this Form 8-K on 02/13/2019
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is 180 days prior to the date of such annual meeting or the tenth day following the day on which public announcement of such annual meeting is first made.  In no event shall any adjournment or postponement of any annual meeting or the announcement thereof commence a new time period for the giving of a Nomination Notice.  To be in proper form, a Nominating Shareholder's notice to the Secretary of the Corporation for purposes of this Section 2.13 shall include all of the following information and documents (collectively, the "Nomination Notice"):
A Schedule 14N (or any successor form) relating to the Nominee, completed and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by the Nominating Shareholder as applicable, in accordance with Securities and Exchange Commission rules;
A written notice of the nomination of such Nominee that includes the following additional information, agreements, representations and warranties by the Nominating Shareholder (including each group member):
the information and representations that would be required to be set forth in a shareholder's notice of a nomination for the election of directors pursuant to Section 2.11;
the details of any relationship that existed within the past three years and that would have been described pursuant to Item 6(e) of Schedule 14N (or any successor item) if it existed on the date of submission of the Schedule 14N;
a representation and warranty that the shares of common stock of the Corporation owned by the Nominating Shareholder were acquired in the ordinary course of business and not with the intent or objective to influence or change control of the Corporation and are not being held with the purpose or effect of changing control of the Corporation or to gain a number of seats on the Board of Directors that exceeds the maximum number of nominees that shareholders may nominate pursuant to this Section 2.13;
a representation and warranty that the Nominating Shareholder satisfies the eligibility requirements set forth in Section 2.13(c) and has provided evidence of ownership to the extent required by Section 2.13(c)(i);
a representation and warranty that the Nominating Shareholder will continue to satisfy the eligibility requirements described in Section 2.13(c) through the date of the annual meeting;
a representation and warranty that the Nominating Shareholder has not nominated and will not nominate for election to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting any person other than the Nominees it is nominating pursuant to this Section 2.13;