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CUMMINS INC filed this Form 8-K on 02/13/2019
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An Eligible Holder or group of up to 20 Eligible Holders may submit a nomination in accordance with this Section 2.13 only if the person or group (in the aggregate) has continuously owned at least the Minimum Number (as defined below) of shares of the Corporation's common stock throughout the three-year period preceding and including the date of submission of the Nomination Notice and continues to own at least the Minimum Number through the date of the annual meeting.  A group of funds under common management and investment control shall be treated as one Eligible Holder for purposes of such limitation if such Eligible Holder shall provide together with the Nomination Notice documentation reasonably satisfactory to the Corporation that demonstrates that the funds are under common management and investment control.  For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of a nomination by a group of Eligible Holders, any and all requirements and obligations applicable to an individual Eligible Holder that are set forth in this Section 2.13, including the minimum holding period, shall apply to each member of such group; provided, however, that the Minimum Number shall apply to the ownership of the group in the aggregate, and a breach of any obligation, agreement, representation or warranty under this Section 2.13 by any member of a group shall be deemed a breach by the Nominating Shareholder.  If any shareholder withdraws from a group of Eligible Holders at any time prior to the annual meeting, then the group of Eligible Shareholders shall only be deemed to own the shares held by the remaining members of the group and if, as a result of such withdrawal, the Nominating Shareholder no longer owns the Minimum Number of shares of the Corporation's common stock, then the nomination shall be disregarded as provided in Section 2.13(b)(iii).
The "Minimum Number" of shares of the Corporation's common stock means 3% of the number of outstanding shares of the Corporation's common stock as of the most recent date for which such amount is given in any filing by the Corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission prior to the submission of the Nomination Notice.
For purposes of this Section 2.13, an Eligible Holder "owns" only those outstanding shares of common stock of the Corporation as to which the Eligible Holder possesses both:
the full voting and investment rights pertaining to such shares; and
the full economic interest in (including the opportunity for profit and risk of loss on) such shares;
provided that the number of shares calculated in accordance with clauses (a) and (b) shall not include any shares (1) sold by such Eligible Holder or any of its affiliates in any transaction that has not been settled or closed, (2) borrowed by such Eligible Holder or any of its affiliates for any purpose or purchased by such Eligible Holder or any of its affiliates pursuant to an agreement to resell or (3) subject to any option, warrant, forward contract, swap, contract of sale, other