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CUMMINS INC filed this Form 8-K on 02/13/2019
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(d) This Section 2.11 shall not affect the right of the holders of either Preference or Preferred Stock to nominate and elect Directors in the event such right arises.
Section 2.12 Submission of Questionnaire; Representation and Agreement.  To be eligible to be a nominee for election or reelection as a Director, a person must deliver (in accordance with the time periods prescribed for delivery of notice under Section 2.11 or Section 2.13, as applicable, of these By-Laws) to the Secretary of the Corporation at the principal executive offices of the Corporation a written questionnaire with respect to the background and qualification of such person and the background of any other person or entity on whose behalf the nomination is being made (which questionnaire shall be provided by the Secretary upon written request) and a written representation and agreement (in the form provided by the Secretary upon written request) that such person (a) is not and will not become a party to (i) any agreement, arrangement or understanding with, and has not given any commitment or assurance to, any person or entity as to how such person, if elected as a Director of the Corporation, will act or vote on any issue or question (a "Voting Commitment") that has not been disclosed to the Corporation or (ii) any Voting Commitment that could limit or interfere with such person's ability to comply, if elected as a Director, with such person's fiduciary duties under applicable law, (b) is not and will not become a party to any agreement, arrangement or understanding with any person or entity other than the Corporation with respect to any direct or indirect compensation, reimbursement or indemnification in connection with service or action as a Director that has not been disclosed therein, and (c) in such person's individual capacity and on behalf of any person or entity on whose behalf the nomination is being made, would be in compliance, if elected as a Director, and will comply with, applicable law and all applicable publicly disclosed corporate governance, conflict of interest, corporate opportunities, confidentiality and stock ownership and trading policies and guidelines of the Corporation.
Section 2.13 Shareholder Nominations Included in the Corporation's Proxy Materials.
(a) Inclusion of Nominee in Proxy Statement.  Subject to the provisions of this Section 2.13, if expressly requested in the relevant Nomination Notice (as defined below), the Corporation shall include in its proxy statement for any annual meeting:
the name of any person nominated for election (the "Nominee") to the Board of Directors, which shall also be included on the Corporation's form of proxy and ballot for the relevant annual meeting, by any Eligible Holder (as defined below) or group of up to 20 Eligible Holders that has (individually and collectively, in the case of a group) satisfied, as determined by the Board of Directors or its designee, acting in good faith, all applicable conditions and complied with all applicable procedures set forth in this Section 2.13 (such Eligible Holder or group of Eligible Holders being a "Nominating Shareholder");
disclosure about the Nominee and the Nominating Shareholder required under Securities and Exchange Commission rules or any other applicable law, rule or regulation to be included in the proxy statement; and
any statement included by the Nominating Shareholder in the Nomination Notice for inclusion in the proxy statement in support of the Nominee's