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CUMMINS INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/11/2019
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respect to a benefit under the Plan at a specified time or in a specified amount, or for a failure to take corrective action with respect to such a failure.

Section 13.05. Other Plans. Amounts and benefits paid under the Plan shall not be
considered compensation to the Executive for purposes of computing any benefits to which he may be entitled under any other pension or retirement plan maintained by an Employer.

Section 13.06. Liability of Affiliated Employers. If any payment to be made under the
Plan is to be made on account of an Executive who is or was employed by an Affiliated Employer, the cost of such payment shall be borne in such proportion as the Company and the Affiliated Employer agree.

This Restatement of the Cummins Inc. Supplemental Life Insurance and Deferred Income Plan has been signed by the Company’s duly authorized officer, acting behalf of the Company, this 13th day of December, 2018.

By:        /s/ Jill E. Cook
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer