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CUMMINS INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/11/2019
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Upon a Change of Control, an Executive who is entitled to benefits under the Plan, other than an Executive who has Terminated Employment with a right to a Deferred Vested Benefit, shall become fully Vested in the Supplemental Life Annuity and, notwithstanding anything in Article VI to the contrary, shall receive, in place of future payments under the Plan, a lump sum payment equal to the Present Actuarial Value of the Supplemental Life Annuity accrued to the date of the Change of Control and remaining to be paid under the Plan. The lump sum Present Actuarial Value of the Supplemental Life Annuity benefit payable shall be calculated assuming that, solely for the purpose of reducing the benefit for early commencement, the Executive, other than one who is entitled to a Deferred Vested Benefit, has already met the conditions for unreduced benefits described in Section 6.03 at the earliest possible time, taking into consideration the Executive’s age and Service.

Section 9.01. Powers and Responsibilities of the Administrator.

(a)    The Administrator shall have full responsibility and discretionary authority to control and
manage the operation and administration of the Plan. The Administrator is authorized to accept service of legal process on behalf of the Plan. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, any action taken by the Administrator pursuant to a reasonable interpretation of the Plan shall be binding and conclusive on all persons claiming benefits under the Plan, except to the extent that a court of competent jurisdiction determines that such action was arbitrary or capricious.

(b)    The Administrator’s discretionary powers include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1)    to interpret Plan documents, decide all questions of eligibility, determine whether an Executive has Terminated Employment, determine the amount, manner, and timing of distributions under the Plan, and resolve any claims for benefits;

(2)    to prescribe procedures to be followed by an Executive, Beneficiary, or other person applying for benefits;

(3)    to appoint or employ persons to assist in the administration of the Plan and any other agents as it deems advisable;

(4)to adopt such rules as it deems necessary or appropriate; and

(5)to maintain and keep adequate records concerning the Plan, including sufficient records to determine each Executive’s eligibility to participate and his interest in the Plan, and its proceedings and acts in such form and detail as it may decide.