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CUMMINS INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/11/2019
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(c)    “Alternate Payee” has the meaning set out in ERISA Section 206(d)(3)(K).

(d)    “Annuity Starting Date” means the date as of which a benefit under the Plan is to commence or be paid (if payable as a lump sum).

(e)    “Applicable Form” means a form provided by the Administrator for making an election or designation under the Plan. To the extent permitted by the Administrator, an Applicable Form may be provided and/or an election or designation made electronically.

(f)    “Average Covered Compensation” means as follows: the average annualized Covered Compensation paid to the Executive during the 60 consecutive calendar months (of the 120 consecutive calendar months ending with the month in which the Executive’s Termination of Employment occurs) in which the Covered Compensation paid to the Executive is highest. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, if the Executive Terminates Employment after a Change of Control, and his Covered Compensation includes base salary and bonus payments paid to him pursuant to the Executive Retention Plan following his Termination of Employment, the 120-month period referred to above shall be the 120 consecutive month period ending on the last day of the month for which such payments are payable under the Executive Retention Plan, if the determination of Average Covered Compensation over such period would provide a greater benefit to the Executive hereunder. If the Executive does not receive Covered Compensation for a period of at least 60 months, his Average Covered Compensation shall be determined based on the months in which he receives Covered Compensation.

(g)    “Beneficiary” means the person or entity entitled to receive an Executive’s death benefits payable under the policies described in Article IV and Vested Survivor Benefits, if any, remaining after the Executive’s death. An Executive’s Beneficiary shall be determined as provided in Section 5.02.

(h)    “Benefit Claim” means a request or claim for a benefit under the Plan, including a claim for greater benefits than have been paid.

(i)    “Board” or “Board of Directors” means the Company’s Board of Directors or, where the context so permits, its designee.

(j)    “Change of Control” means the occurrence of any of the following:

(1)there shall be consummated (A) any consolidation or merger of the Company in which the Company is not the continuing or surviving corporation or pursuant to which shares of the Company’s common stock would be converted in whole or in part into cash or other securities or property, other than a merger of the Company in which the holders of the Company’s common stock immediately before the merger have substantially the same proportionate ownership of common stock of the surviving corporation immediately after the merger, or (B) any sale, lease, exchange or transfer (in one transaction or a series of related transactions) of all or substantially all of the assets of the Company, or

(2)the liquidation or dissolution of the Company, or