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CUMMINS INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/11/2019
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Commodity Price Risk
We are exposed to fluctuations in commodity prices due to contractual agreements with component suppliers. In order to protect ourselves against future price volatility and, consequently, fluctuations in gross margins, we periodically enter into commodity zero-cost collar contracts with designated banks to fix the cost of certain raw material purchases with the objective of minimizing changes in inventory cost due to market price fluctuations. These commodity zero-cost collar contracts represent an economic hedge, but are not designated for hedge accounting and are marked to market through earnings. Our cash flow hedges generally mature within two years.
At December 31, 2018, the potential gain or loss related to the outstanding commodity zero-cost collar contracts, assuming a hypothetical 10 percent fluctuation in the price of such commodities, would be approximately $2 million. The sensitivity analysis of the effects of changes in commodity prices assumes the notional value to remain constant for the next 12 months. The analysis ignores the impact of commodity price movements on our competitive position and potential changes in sales levels. Any change in the value of the zero-cost collar contracts, real or hypothetical, would be significantly offset by an inverse change in the value of the underlying hedged items.
We also limit our exposure to commodity price risk by entering into purchasing arrangements to fix the price of certain volumes of platinum and palladium expected to be used in our products. We enter into physical forward contracts with suppliers of platinum and palladium to purchase some volumes of the commodities at contractually stated prices for various periods, generally less than two years. These arrangements enable us to fix the prices of a portion of our purchases of these commodities, which otherwise are subject to market volatility.