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CUMMINS INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/11/2019
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Following are the names and ages of our executive officers, their positions with us at January 31, 2019 and summaries of their backgrounds and business experience:
Name and Age
Present Cummins Inc. position and
year appointed to position
Principal position during the past
five years other than Cummins Inc.
position currently held
N. Thomas Linebarger (56)
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer (2012)
Richard J. Freeland (61)
Director, President and Chief Operating Officer (2014)
Vice President and President— Engine Business (2010-2014)
Sherry A. Aaholm (56)
Vice President—Chief Information Officer (2013)
Peter W. Anderson (52)
Vice President—Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing (2017)
Principal/Partner, Ernst & Young LLP (2006-2017)
Sharon R. Barner (61)
Vice President—General Counsel (2012)
Steven M. Chapman (64)
Group Vice President—China and Russia (2009)
Christopher C. Clulow (47)
Vice President - Corporate Controller (2017)
Controller, Components Segment (2015-2017)
Executive Director—Heavy, Medium and Light Duty Finance (2011-2015)
Jill E. Cook (55)
Vice President—Chief Human Resources Officer (2003)
Tracy A. Embree (45)
Vice President and President— Components Group (2015)
Vice President and President— Turbo Technologies (2012-2014)
Thaddeus B. Ewald (51)
Vice President—Corporate Strategy and Business Development (2010)
Donald G. Jackson (49)
Vice President—Treasurer (2015)
Executive Director—Assistant Treasurer (2013-2015)
Norbert Nusterer (50)
Vice President and President—Power Systems (2016)
Vice President—New and ReCon Parts (2011-2016)
Mark J. Osowick (51)
Vice President—Human Resources Operations (2014)
Executive Director—Human Resources, Components Segment & India ABO (2010-2014)
Srikanth Padmanabhan (54)
Vice President and President—Engine Business (2016)
Vice President—Engine Business (2014-2016)
Vice President and General Manager—Cummins Emission Solutions (2008-2014)
Marya M. Rose (56)
Vice President—Chief Administrative Officer (2011)
Jennifer Rumsey (45)
Vice President—Chief Technical Officer (2015)
Vice President—Engineering, Engine Business (2014-2015)
Vice President—Heavy, Medium and Light Duty Engineering (2013-2014)
Livingston L. Satterthwaite (58)
Vice President and President—Distribution Business (2015)
Vice President and President—Power Generation (2008-2015)
Mark A. Smith (51)
Vice President—Financial Operations (2016)
Vice President—Investor Relations and Business Planning and Analysis (2014-2016)
Executive Director—Investor Relations (2011-2014)