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SUN COMMUNITIES INC filed this Form 424B5 on 05/28/2019
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We may issue units consisting of two or more other constituent securities. These units may be issuable, and for a specified period of time may be transferable, only as a single security, rather than as the separate constituent securities comprising such units. The statements made in this section relating to the units are summaries only. These summaries are not complete. Further terms of the units will be set forth in the applicable prospectus supplement. To the extent information contained in the applicable prospectus supplement differs from this summary description, you should rely on the information in the prospectus supplement.

The applicable prospectus supplement will describe the terms of the units in respect of which this prospectus is being delivered, including, where applicable, the following:



the title of any series of units;



identification and description of the separate constituent securities comprising the units;



the price or prices at which the units will be issued;



the date, if any, on and after which the constituent securities comprising the units will be separately transferable;



information with respect to any book-entry procedures;



a discussion of any material United States federal income tax considerations applicable to an investment in the units; and



any other terms of the units and their constituent securities.