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SUN COMMUNITIES INC filed this Form 424B5 on 05/28/2019
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the place where payments will be payable;



restrictions on transfer, sale or other assignment, if any;



our right, if any, to defer payment of interest and the maximum length of any such deferral period;



the date, if any, after which, the conditions upon which, and the price at which we may, at our option, redeem the series of debt securities pursuant to any optional or provisional redemption provisions, and any other applicable terms of those redemption provisions;



provisions for a sinking fund, purchase or other analogous fund, if any;



the date, if any, on which, and the price at which we are obligated, pursuant to any mandatory sinking fund or analogous fund provisions or otherwise, to redeem, or at the holder’s option to purchase, the series of debt securities;



whether the indenture will restrict our ability and/or the ability of our subsidiaries to:



incur additional indebtedness;



issue additional securities;



create liens;



pay distributions and make distributions in respect of our capital stock and the capital stock of our subsidiaries;



redeem capital stock;



place restrictions on our subsidiaries’ ability to pay distributions, make distributions or transfer assets;



make investments or other restricted payments;



sell or otherwise dispose of assets;



enter into sale-leaseback transactions



engage in transactions with stockholders and affiliates;



issue or sell stock of our subsidiaries; or



effect a consolidation or merger;



whether the indenture will require us to maintain any interest coverage, fixed charge, cash flow-based, asset-based or other financial ratios;



a discussion of any material or special United States federal income tax considerations applicable to the debt securities;



information describing any book-entry features;



the procedures for any auction and remarketing, if any;



the denominations in which we will issue the series of debt securities, if other than denominations of $1,000 and any integral multiple thereof;



if other than dollars, the currency in which the series of debt securities will be denominated; and



any other specific terms, preferences, rights or limitations of, or restrictions on, the debt securities, including any events of default that are in addition to those described in this prospectus or any covenants provided with respect to the debt securities that are in addition to those described above, and any terms which may be required by us or advisable under applicable laws or regulations or advisable in connection with the marketing of the debt securities.