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SUN COMMUNITIES INC filed this Form 424B5 on 05/30/2019
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The following is a summary of our UPREIT structure and the material provisions in the partnership agreement of our Operating Partnership. For more detail, you should refer to the partnership agreement itself and its material amendments, copies of which are filed with the SEC and which we incorporate by reference as an exhibit to the registration statement of which this prospectus is a part. See “Where You Can Find More Information.”


In 1993, the Operating Partnership was formed and we contributed our net assets to the Operating Partnership in exchange for the sole general partner interest in the Operating Partnership and the majority of all of the Operating Partnership’s initial capital. We substantially conduct our operations through the Operating Partnership. The Operating Partnership owns, either directly or indirectly through other subsidiaries, all of our assets. This UPREIT structure enables us to comply with certain complex requirements under the Federal tax rules and regulations applicable to REITs, and to acquire manufactured housing communities in transactions that defer some or all of the sellers’ tax consequences. The financial results of the Operating Partnership and our other subsidiaries are consolidated in our consolidated financial statements. The financial results include certain activities that do not necessarily qualify as REIT activities under the Code. We have formed taxable REIT subsidiaries, as defined in the Code, to engage in such activities. We use taxable REIT subsidiaries to offer certain services to our residents and engage in activities that would not otherwise be permitted under the REIT rules if provided directly by us or by the Operating Partnership. The taxable REIT subsidiaries include our home sales business, SHS, which provides manufactured home sales, leasing and other services to current and prospective tenants of our properties.

Under the partnership agreement, the Operating Partnership is structured to make distributions with respect to certain of the OP Units at the same time that distributions are made to our common stockholders. The Operating Partnership is structured to permit limited partners holding certain classes or series of OP Units to exchange those OP Units for shares of our common stock (in a taxable transaction) and achieve liquidity for their investment.

As the sole general partner of the Operating Partnership, we generally have the power to manage and have complete control over the conduct of the Operating Partnership’s affairs and all decisions or actions made or taken by us as the general partner pursuant to the partnership agreement are generally binding upon all of the partners and the Operating Partnership.

Classes and Series of OP Units

As of December 31, 2017, the Operating Partnership had issued and outstanding:



82,425,282 common OP Units,



1,283,819 preferred OP Units, or Aspen preferred OP Units,



345,371 Series A-1 preferred OP Units,



40,268 Series A-3 preferred OP Units,



1,509,494 Series A-4 preferred OP Units,



67,801 Series B-3 preferred OP Units, and



316,357 Series C preferred OP Units.