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Cincinnati Financial Corporation and Subsidiaries Announce Appointments

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Subsidiary Director, Officers and Counsel

CINCINNATI, Feb. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cincinnati Financial Corporation (Nasdaq: CINF) announced today that its board and boards of its subsidiary companies appointed officers, counsel and a subsidiary director at their regular meetings on February 1, 2008.

For the company and its three standard market property casualty insurance subsidiaries, Donald J. Doyle, Jr., Martin F. Hollenbeck and Charles P. Stoneburner II, were named executive officers. For the standard market subsidiaries, Stoneburner additionally was promoted to senior vice president. For the excess and surplus lines subsidiary, Doyle additionally was named executive officer. Hollenbeck additionally was named executive officer for The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company, president and chief operating officer of CFC Investment Company; and president and member of the board of directors of CinFin Capital Management Company.

Boards of subsidiary companies made the following promotions and new or additional appointments of officers and counsel:

    Property Casualty Insurance - Standard Market Subsidiaries:
    The Cincinnati Insurance Company
    The Cincinnati Casualty Company
    The Cincinnati Indemnity Company
    Charles P. Stoneburner II, CPCU, AIM, Senior Vice President - Field Claims

    Teresa C. Cracas, Counsel and Vice President - Planning & Risk Management
    Martin F. Hollenbeck, CFA, CPCU, Vice President and Manager - Investments
    David E. McKinney, CPCU, AIM, Vice President - Commercial Lines
    Michael K. O'Connor, CFA, CPCU, AFSB, Vice President - Investments
    Paul W. Wells, Vice President - Bond & Executive Risk

    Ted W. Doughman, CPCU, AFSB, RPLU, Assistant Vice President - Bond &
     Executive Risk
    Anthony W. Dunn, CPA, CPCU, CIA, Assistant Vice President - Internal Audit
    Philip T. Kramer, CIC, Assistant Vice President - Sales & Marketing
    Jerry L. Litton, Assistant Vice President - Corporate Accounting
    Gregory J. Schloemer, Assistant Vice President - Bond & Executive Risk
    Charlotte A. Tungate, CPCU, AIC, Assistant Vice President - Headquarters
    Matthew A. Zimmerman, Assistant Vice President - Commercial Lines

    C. Duane Cantrell, CPCU, AIC, Secretary - Machinery & Equipment
    Karen L. Hock, Secretary - Meetings & Travel
    Jack D. Kelley, CPCU, AIC, Secretary - Field Claims
    Michelle L. Kyle, Secretary - Information Technology
    Dennis E. McDaniel, CPA, CMA, CFM, CPCU, Secretary - Planning & Risk
    David V. Neville, CPCU, AIM, API, ARe, Secretary - Personal Lines
    Janet L. Partin, Secretary - Premium Audit
    David A. Rice, SCLA, Secretary - Field Claims
    Henry C. Schmidt III, AIM, Secretary - Personal Lines
    Blake D. Slater, Secretary - Corporate Accounting
    Stephen M. Spray, Secretary - Excess & Surplus Lines

    Brent A. Hardesty III, CPCU, CISA, CIA, AIAF, Assistant Secretary -
     Internal Audit
    Michael D. Hingsbergen, PMP, Assistant Secretary - Information Technology
    Troy M. Reichers, Assistant Secretary - Headquarters Claims
    James R. Richards, CPCU, AIC, Assistant Secretary - Headquarters Claims
    Brett J. Starr, CISA, Assistant Treasurer - Financial Reporting & Systems

    Keith W. Collett, Associate Counsel - Legal-Trial Division

    Property Casualty Insurance - Excess & Surplus Lines Subsidiary:
    The Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company:
    Stephen M. Spray, Secretary*

    Scott E. Hintze, CPCU, AIM, CIC, AU, Assistant Secretary - Excess &
     Surplus Lines
    Marc J. Schambow, CPCU, AIM, Assistant Secretary - Excess & Surplus Lines

    The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company:
    Martin F. Hollenbeck*
    Teresa C. Cracas*
    Michael K. O'Connor*
    Anthony W. Dunn*
    Ann S. Binzer, FLHC, CLU, ChFC, FALU, FLMI, Secretary - Life & Health
    Michelle L. Kyle*
    Dennis E. McDaniel*
    Kevin C. Smith, Secretary - Corporate Accounting
    Brent A. Hardesty III*
    Michael D. Hingsbergen*
    Keith W. Collett*

    Financial Services Subsidiaries:
    CinFin Capital Management Company
    Martin F. Hollenbeck, CFA, CPCU, President

    CFC Investment Company
    Martin F. Hollenbeck, CFA, CPCU, President and Chief Operating Officer
    Blake D. Slater*

    *Title as listed above

Cincinnati Financial Corporation offers property and casualty insurance, our main business, through our three standard market companies, The Cincinnati Insurance Company, The Cincinnati Indemnity Company and The Cincinnati Casualty Company. The Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company provides excess and surplus lines property and casualty insurance. The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company markets life and disability income insurance and annuities. CSU Producer Resources Inc. is our excess and surplus lines brokerage, serving the same local independent agencies that offer our standard market policies. CFC Investment Company offers commercial leasing and financing services. CinFin Capital Management Company provides asset management services to institutions, corporations and individuals. For additional information about the company, please visit .

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 145496
Cincinnati, Ohio 45250-5496

Street Address:
6200 South Gilmore Road
Fairfield, Ohio 45014-5141
SOURCE Cincinnati Financial Corporation 02/04/2008
Investors, Heather J. Wietzel, 1-513-870-2768,,
Media, Joan O. Shevchik, 1-513-603-5323,,
both of Cincinnati Financial Corporation
Web site: (CINF)

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