RLJ ENTERTAINMENT, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/05/2017
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Liquidity and Credit Profile Pre AMCX Investment Post AMCX Investment Senior Debt: $57.5M Interest rate: 10.7% Junior Debt: $8.5M Interest rate: 12% Weighted Average Cost of Debt: Interest rate (cash): 11.7% Senior Debt Tranche A : $23M Interest rate: 7% in Equity at $3/share Senior Debt Tranche B : $55M Interest rate: 6% in Equity at $3/share Weighted Average Cost of Debt: Interest rate (non-cash): 6.3% Annual Sr. Principal Payment: 3% Total Cash Debt Service: ~$11M Sr. Debt Tranche A due: Starts in 2020 Sr. Debt Tranche B due : Starts in 2021 Significantly Reduced Cost of Debt by ~550 BPs and $11M in Cash Debt Service When exercised, AMC’s 18.3M warrants convert Tranche B debt to equity Annual Payment: None until June 2020 Total Cash Debt Service: $0M

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