RLJ ENTERTAINMENT, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/09/2017
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RLJ Entertainment, Inc.


Notes To Consolidated Financial Statements



the ability to acquire at least 50.1% of our common stock for $60.0 million, provided that all warrants are exercised and AMC elects not to exercise on a non-cash basis. The third warrant with this guarantee provision is being accounted for as a derivative liability.

Subordinated Notes Payable

On January 31, 2017, we repaid the outstanding principal and interest on our unsecured subordinated promissory notes. The subordinated notes were issued in 2012 in the aggregate principal amount of $14.8 million to the selling preferred stockholders of Image (or Subordinated Note Holders). In 2015, and in connection with the sale of preferred stock and warrants, the Subordinated Note Holders exchanged approximately $8.5 million of subordinated notes for 8,546 shares of preferred stock and warrants to acquire approximately 855,000 shares of common stock.




Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock and 2015 Warrants

On May 20, 2015, we closed a transaction in which we sold 31,046 shares of preferred stock and warrants to acquire 3.1 million shares of common stock (the 2015 Warrants) for $22.5 million in cash and the exchange of $8.5 million in subordinated notes. Of the preferred shares and warrants sold, 16,500 shares of preferred stock and warrants to acquire 1.7 million shares of common stock were sold to certain board members or their affiliated companies. We used $10.0 million of the cash proceeds from this sale to make partial payment on our senior notes payable and approximately $1.9 million for prepayment penalties, legal and accounting fees, which include fees associated with our registration statement filed in July 2015 and other expenses associated with the transaction. The balance of the net cash proceeds was used for content investment and working capital purposes. Of the fees incurred, $0.9 million was recorded against the proceeds received, $0.5 million was recorded as additional debt discounts, $0.2 million was included as interest expense and the balance was included in other expense.

On October 14, 2016 and concurrent with the close of our AMC Credit Agreement, we amended our preferred stock such that we were able to classify our preferred stock and its embedded conversion feature within our shareholders’ equity. Prior to the amendment, our preferred stock and its embedded conversion feature were recorded on our consolidated balance sheet outside of shareholders’ equity. The amended terms are disclosed below.

The preferred stock has the following rights and preferences:


Rank – the preferred stock ranks higher than other company issued equity securities in terms of distributions, dividends and other payments upon liquidation.


Dividends – the preferred stockholders are entitled to cumulative dividends at a rate of 8% per annum of a preferred share’s stated value ($1,000 per share plus any unpaid dividends). The first dividend payment was made on July 1, 2017 and payments will be made quarterly thereafter. At our discretion, dividend payments are payable in either cash, or if we satisfy certain equity issuance conditions, in shares of common stock. Pursuant to the October 14, 2016 amended terms, if we don’t satisfy equity issuance conditions, then we may elect to accrue the value of the dividend and add it to the preferred share’s stated value.


Conversion – at the preferred stockholder’s discretion, each share of preferred stock is convertible into 333.3 shares of our common stock, subject to adjustment for any unpaid dividends. Prior to the October 14, 2016 amendment, the conversion rate was subject to anti-dilution protection for offerings consummated at a per-share price of less than $3.00 per common share. This down-round provision was removed as part of the October 14, 2016 amendment.


Mandatory Redemption – unless previously converted, on May 20, 2020, at our option we will either redeem the preferred stock with (a) cash equal to $1,000 per share plus any unpaid dividends (Redemption Value), or (b) shares of common stock determined by dividing the Redemption Value by a conversion rate equal to the lower of (i) the conversion rate then in effect (which is currently $3.00) or (ii) 85% of the then trading price, as defined, of our common stock. As part of the October 14, 2016 amendment, a floor was established for all but 16,500 shares of preferred stock such that the redemption ratio cannot be below $0.50 per common share. For the 16,500 shares of preferred stock, a floor of $2.49 was already in place and remained unchanged. If we were to redeem with shares of common stock, the actual number of shares that would be issued upon redemption is not determinable as the number is contingent upon the then trading price of our common stock. Generally, if we were to redeem with shares, the number of common shares needed for redemption increases as our common stock price decreases. Because of the October 14, 2016 amendment, the maximum number of


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