UNION CARBIDE CORP /NEW/ filed this Form 10-K on 02/15/2018
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Major hurricanes have caused significant disruption in UCC's operations on the U.S. Gulf Coast, logistics across the region, and the supply of certain raw materials, which had an adverse impact on volume and cost for some of UCC's products. Due to the Corporation's substantial presence on the U.S. Gulf Coast, similar severe weather conditions or other natural phenomena in the future could negatively affect UCC's results of operations.

Pension and Other Postretirement Benefits: Increased obligations and expenses related to the Corporation's defined benefit pension plans and other postretirement benefit plan could negatively affect UCC's financial condition and results of operations.
The Corporation has defined benefit pension plans and an other postretirement benefit plan (the "plans") in the United States. The assets of the Corporation's funded plans are primarily invested in fixed income securities, equity securities and alternative investments in real estate and private equity of U.S. and foreign issuers. Changes in the market value of plan assets, investment returns, discount rates, mortality rates, the rate of increase in compensation levels, regulations and health care cost trends may affect the funded status of the Corporation's plans and could cause volatility in the net periodic benefit cost, future funding requirements of the plans and the funded status of the plans. A significant increase in the Corporation's obligations or future funding requirements could have a negative impact on the Corporation's results of operations and cash flows for a particular period and on the consolidated financial position of the Corporation.

Cyber Threat: The risk of loss of the Corporation's intellectual property, trade secrets or other sensitive business information or disruption of operations could negatively impact the Corporation's financial results.
Cyber-attacks or security breaches could compromise confidential, business critical information, cause a disruption in the Corporation's operations or harm the Corporation's reputation. The Corporation has attractive information assets, including intellectual property, trade secrets and other sensitive, business critical information. While the Corporation has a comprehensive cyber-security program that is continuously reviewed, maintained and upgraded, a significant cyber-attack could result in the loss of critical business information and/or could negatively impact operations, which could have a negative impact on the Corporation's financial results.


The Corporation operates eight manufacturing sites in three countries. The Corporation considers its properties to be in good operating condition and that its machinery and equipment have been well maintained. The following are the major production sites:
United States:
Hahnville (St. Charles), Louisiana; Seadrift and Texas City, Texas.

All of UCC's plants are owned or leased, subject to certain easements of other persons that, in the opinion of management, do not substantially interfere with the continued use of such properties or materially affect their value.

A summary of property, classified by type, is contained in Note 9 to the Consolidated Financial Statements.

Asbestos-Related Matters
The Corporation is and has been involved in a large number of asbestos-related suits filed primarily in state courts during the past four decades. These suits principally allege personal injury resulting from exposure to asbestos-containing products and frequently seek both actual and punitive damages. The alleged claims primarily relate to products that UCC sold in the past, alleged exposure to asbestos-containing products located on UCC's premises, and UCC's responsibility for asbestos suits filed against a former subsidiary, Amchem Products, Inc.

For additional information, see Asbestos-Related Matters in Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations, and Notes 1 and 14 to the Consolidated Financial Statements.

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